Wanda Virgo


wanda virgo

Years have come and gone passing quickly by.  My journey has led me down so many paths.  Some have been heavily trodden, while others a little less traveled.

All along the way…I have had the privilege of exploring and learning many different ways to share my inner talents. It has always been my desire to be of service to others throughout my life.

From my earliest days, I’ve been drawn to nature.  I grow my own flowers and vegetables organically, then they are planted in the numerous gardens surrounding my home.  As my flowers come into season, I get very busy making flower essences and  merge them with the various gem waters I have made.  I had a fabulous teacher, Ashley Levy from The Love & Light School of Energy Medicine where I took her course and got “Certified in making Crystal Gem Water, Essences, Elixir & Vibrational Sprays”.  My personal Essence Certificatefavorite is the Aura Cleanse Spray… it is truly amazing and I even use it to cleanse my crystals too.  You can find a few of my favorites on Etsy at different times throughout the year.

I love the outdoors, reading, writing and of course, always having fun. I am always inspired to create something new so you will often times find me busy with a new project.   I’m the happiest when crafting, making all natural soaps n soaks or just following impulses for a new idea.  I am fairly new to photography and really enjoy taking pictures of anything & everything.   The photos are used for backdrops to my daily inspirations & quotes or are posted on various social media platforms, such as Steemit and Pinterest or you can follow me on Twitter too!

My passion is working with crystals, gemstones and grids, and playing with the energetic patterns found in all of creation, especially crystals and resonating with all that Mother Earth has to offer.   The newest addition to Crystal Vibrations are the “I AM Crystal Medicine Bags”.   This line of of crystal companion, combinations specifically designed to assist you with achieving a state of well-being. Whether you desire to work on your physical, mental or spiritual aspects, the compatible, combination of crystals will work with areas, such as balancing, energizing, healing, uplifting, increasing intuition, connecting with the spirit realm and so much more.

healing-animal-class -certified-virgoOf course, with my strong connection and love for nature I couldn’t leave out the animals, so I also got “Certified in Healing Crystals for Our Animal Companions”  as they thoroughly enjoy crystalline therapy too!   Crystals can be wonderful companions for all of us to enjoy as they assist us on our journey to well-being.   I am so excited to have the opportunity to offer to others, some of the ways in which to experience them as well.  I invite you to stop on by the entire online Etsy store and take a look at the variety of products I have been inspired to offer.

Thus….Crystal Vibrations ~ Creations by Sunscape was born….

Until next time, this is Sunscape at Crystal Vibrations….looking forward to

Sun. Scape. Ing your day.