Accepted Crystal Medicine Mojo Bag

Accepted Crystal Medicine Bag


I AM Accepted & Loved / Self-Love / Self-Acceptance


The “I AM” crystal medicine bags carry specific intentions & energetic vibrations to connect you with your “I AM” presence to assist with healing & balancing your Body Mind & Spirit!

These very powerful, crystal stones were carefully chosen to “fully” cover the specific area that you are intending to focus upon to better enhance your life. No matter what your needs are, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, an “I AM”medicine bags specific combinations, can assist your journey to well-being.


I AM Accepted Medicine Bag


Energetic Properties:

Love, compassion, healing the heart, self-acceptance, grounded, security, feeling safe, gentleness, calm, Divine connections, emotionally healed, higher frequency, raise your vibrations, self-love, acceptance, allowing, opening channels to Divine, attunement, inner knowing, worthiness, sharing love with others, Divine love.



Elemental Connection:

Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Storm


Resistance is the opposite of acceptance. If you find yourself resisting some part of yourself, not liking who you are or fighting certain feelings, then you are not being accepting of who you are. Resisting will keep you in a continual loop of repetitive thoughts and behavior patterns.

Instead of fighting yourself it is in the acceptance of all you are that allow you to make changes in your life. So, if you can find peace within yourself and all aspects of who you are you will enjoy a smoother journey to well-being.

I have created this I AM Medicine Bag to assist you with specific stones that can help you to navigate through the process of self-acceptance.  In love and light….



“I AM compassionate, loving & accepting of all aspects of myself as the beautiful soul that I AM.”

Thank you for stopping by to read my insights for well-being today.


Until next time, this is Sunscape…

Sun. Scape. Ing your day









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