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Amazonites Crystal Affirmations

~ Amazonites Crystal Affirmations ~


 “I am aligned with my highest truth & speak it forth into the world”.

If you are having trouble speaking your truth and holding onto your ground or are unsure of how to do so, then Amazonite can help you to gain control of your personal space again.  It is a powerful stone for anyone having trouble with setting personal boundaries.  Often times you can become influenced by the opinions of others and the succumb to the peer pressure of family and friends.   Amazonite helps you to stand your ground while you set the personal boundaries in place that are necessary for you to hold to your soul’s purpose without yielding to the will of others.

When you hold an Amazonite stone and work with an Amazonites crystal affirmation during a meditation or sacred time, you can trust that you are aligning with your highest truth.  Speaking forth the affirmation and others similar to it will ensure that you follow your own unique path.  Trust in yourself and whatever you receive during your quiet time, as your higher self, your essence will not steer you in the wrong direction.  This is a perfect time to bring balance back into your life & experience the freedom of aligning yourself with your higher self, with truth & integrity?  If your looking for help to free yourself on a physical, emotional & energetic level, then apply Amazonite’s Crystal Affirmations to your life today.

amazonites crystal affirmation

Key Words ~ Truth, Communication
Chakra ~ 4th – Heart, 5th – Throat
Element ~ Water
Astrological Sign ~ Virgo
Numerical Vibration ~ #5
Hardness ~ 6 – 6.5
Origin ~ Brazil
Color ~ green-blue green


Aspects associated with the crystal:

EMOTIONAL:  Communication, expression, boundaries, harmony, peace, truth, compassion, grief, fear, judgement, integrity, self-knowledge, beliefs & values.

PHYSICAL:  Alcoholism, balance, gout, Heart health, muscles, nervous system, teeth, osteoporosis, electromagnetic smog, thyroid.

SPIRITUAL:  Walk your talk, speak your truth, discernment, dreams, manifestation, meditation, opens intuitive channels, visions, connect with higher self.


Associated Affirmations:


  •   “I am able to speak my truth with integrity and align with my soul’s journey with ease”
  •   “I easily express my inner feelings with confidence”
  •   “I am trusting that my soul’s essence is leading and guiding me at all times”
  •   “I am able to set personal boundaries while remaining free of guilt and fear of receiving judgements from others”
  •   “I allow myself to remain authentic in expressing my true self to others at all times”
  •   “I release any fears, old beliefs and doubts that have kept me from the freedom to express my highest truth to the world”
  •   “I remain open to receive and express my soul’s desires and intentions”
  •   “I move forward with conscious decisions & purposeful actions to manifest my souls desires in the present moment”
  •   “I live my truth each and every moment for my highest good and the good of others”


Remember to always communicate your truth to others with compassion as they may not understand you are awakened and on a personal  journey.   Remain confident and assured that you are always aligning yourself to the highest expression of your souls purpose.  Now is the perfect time to be true to who you came here to be with Amazonites Crystal Affirmation.

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