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aura smudge spray

Aura Smudge Spray Cleanses Crystals

Aura Smudge Spray

Clears negativity & refreshes your space

Lighten the energetic vibes in your room and enjoy the uplifting feelings this fantastic, negative cleansing essence can bring to your personal space.   Negative energies can linger in rooms long after an event occurred that caused them in the first place. Clearing the space & creating a vibrant atmosphere once again, couldn’t be easier.  Spritzing your home, work, car, crystals or yourself when feeling bogged down by discordant energies, is so simple with Aura Smudge Spray.  You can easily transmute that negativity into positive, uplifting vibrations again, by spraying around the area needing clearing.

The ingredients and the crystals chosen for the Aura Smudge Spray are a perfect blend of energetic properties to do a good cleansing of the area involved.  Just spritz around your sacred altar area, living space, hotel rooms, office, seminar rooms and healing spaces to keep your space sparkly clean of unwanted, cluttered or dense energies.  Using an essence clearing and cleansing spray is a wonderful alternative to using a smudging stick. They are so much easier to use and smoke-free, especially if you are sensitive to smoke.  It is not always convenient to fire up a smudge stick.  ; )

Aura Smudge Spray Uses

  • Personal Aura cleansing
  • Cleanse your pets Aura
  • Setting up an altar space
  • Cleansing your meditation room
  • Clearing stones and crystals that are sensitive to sunlight and water
  • Cleanse newly acquired stones and crystals
  • Clearing negative vibes in the workplace, home, office, car, hotel or seminar room
  • Use to clear the space in between clients in the healing/massage room
  • Smudge a new home or apartment before you move in

The ways in which to use the Aura Smudge Spray are as unique and different, as the individual using the spray.  Go ahead and feel free to follow your instincts and spritz away to your hearts content.

Remember… for EXTERNAL Use Only!

How to effectively clear your space

  1. Test an area first to be sure that you have no allergic reactions to the all-natural ingredients in the sprays. Some people do have allergies to certain flowers, so testing is advised.
  2. Stand and spritz the essence spray in front of you, reaching above the height of your head, then step into the gentle, falling mist. Ahhhh!
  3. To spray a room…. start at the center and spritz in a spiral pattern, until you reach the edge of the room or doorway entrance.

Properties of the Aura Smudge Spray

Aura Smudge SprayThe unique blend of ingredients in the Aura Smudge Spray include the following:

  •  Essence of Sage infused in distilled water
  •  Essence of Rose infused in distilled water
  •  Infused with the Crystal energies of Black Tourmaline, Blue Kyanite, Amethyst, Quartz Crystal and Smokey Quartz
  •  Essential Oil blend of Pine, Rosemary, Sage & Rose

The Aura Smudge Spray is infused and charged under the sun and moon for a period of time.  This insures that the properties of each element merge to create the smudge sprays special characteristics.  Enjoy the refreshing, subtle, scented mist as as it rains down creating a fresh atmosphere for your to relax in.

A few customer reviews of the Aura Smudge Spray says it all….

* Instant clearing, right when you need it. No waiting around until you can slip away to calm down, or worse, waiting the rest of your workday til you can get home. Keep it in your work space and get through those rough moments immediately, quietly, and sweetly.

* Smells wonderful and feels great!

* This “feels” so good raining down when sprayed overhead. Clears my stress and negativity when needed. Thank you!

* Great shipping! Very cool concept.

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