Blood Moon Energy, Lunar Eclipse Oneness Grid

To all my friends who love the magical side of life; metaphysics, astrology, universal energies, spirituality, and connecting to the Divine, I will share this crystal grid I was guided to create for the Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon.

I am not often called upon by my soul companion guides to create a grid, especially to ground energies into the grid as we shift our perspectives into a new paradigm. This eclipse is all about new beginnings, letting go of old programming in our DNA, and stepping into a higher reality then we have been in up till now.

I have to say that it all started out with the numbers 358 which is an unusual number sequence for me to receive from my guides. I got this in a dream-like, meditative state as I was falling asleep one-night last week. You can research what the three different numbers represent if you feel led to. I used sequences of 3, 5 and 8 stones throughout the grid.


I then kept feeling the Four Elements had to be incorporated somehow. Thus, the tarot cards that represented each energy. The Aces all represent a new beginning, a releasing of the old thought patterns in that energetic layer, thus, the tarot cards came to be a part of the grid. I then chose different crystals that were associated with the energy of each element.

Earth Element


The Ace of Pentacles is the Earth Element and creates the base or grounding element in the grid. It is us manifesting into the world of form that which resides in the spirit realm. I chose stones to cleanse and transmute discordant energies in the Earth plane, along with stones to connect to the Heart Chakra of the Earths consciousness, represented in the center of the grid, that which lies within.

Air Element


The Ace of Swords, the Air Element is all about “As you think so shall you be.” This is the most conflicting suit, where tension, chaos and destructive energy comes into play. It is through the thoughts and imaginings of people all over the world. Remember, thoughts are like powerful seeds that literally seed the planet and influence the consciousness of people. In this suit, the sword is surrounded by fire, interesting to me, I chose stones of joy, golden light and calming energy to subdue this vibe.

Fire Element


The Ace of Wands or the Element of Fire is all about intended action, passion and our desire to co-create as spirit works through us. This carries the energy of transformation, creativity, initiative, and regeneration for us all. I chose stones that are of the highest vibes to connect the mind to the higher realms of consciousness, to open the Crown Chakra to connect with the Universal energies that are flowing to us now.

Water Element


The Ace of Cups which represents the Water Element is associated with our emotions, and how our feelings influence ourselves and others. It is the key to how our emotions affect the energies that we are putting out into the world. The stones here are of a feminine nature, soothing, calming and nurturing as the hidden energies that lie within each of us come forth to be processed with love to propel us through this period of transformation. We are indeed shifting, and quite quickly now, can you feel it?


I had to add the Tarot Strength card to the grid. This is the card that represents the sign of Leo, which is the Blood Moon of this month.


I then added another Leo card from another deck where a woman is depicted as riding the energies of Leo, how appropriate for us right now. Are you riding these energies with ease and grace? Or, is this a difficult transition for you?

lion light language.jpg

SOURCE Image from Nalinee Be sure to check out her website and You tube. You will love her!

Lastly, I would love to honor a fellow Soul Sistar that creates beautiful images during meditations. She then paints them while incorporating the light language that flows to her while connecting with the universal energy. The center image of the Lion is one of them. This represents us letting go of some of the programmings in our DNA, our cellular structure. She speaks of resetting our perceptions, releasing old constructs, replacing them with the energy of “Oneness.” This is the paradigm we are entering into this year. I surrounded the Lioness with Auralite to illuminate and connect with the Divine within each and every one of us. I hope you have enjoyed my sharing my day with you all, and may this full moon and lunar eclipse brings you into a sweeter awareness of who you truly are.

My question today is what energy are you putting out into the universal grid, the grid of energy that surrounds each and every one of us? The one that influences everything that exists near and wide, up and down, in and out …. As above, so Below! This Lunar Eclipse is bringing to light, illuminating to each and every one of us, if we are listening, how we can contribute to the Universal Grid with higher, more loving and compassionate thoughts and actions. It is time to enter into this beautiful, transformative energy that is embracing us all. Are you in? Are you ready? Then go ahead and ride this energetic wave on the back of a lion with pure intentions of partaking of the new energy. Namaste!

Until next time, this is Sunscape…

Sun. Scape. Ing your day


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