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Crystal Medicine Bags I AM Healed

 I AM Crystal Medicine Bags

Crystal Companions to Assist Your Journey to Well-Being

Introducing the I AM Crystal Medicine Bags, a line of crystal companion combinations specifically designed to assist you with achieving a state of well-being.   Whether you are desiring to work on your physical, mental or spiritual aspects, the compatible, combination of crystals will work with areas, such as balancing, energizing, healing, uplifting, increasing your inner knowing, connecting with the spirit realm and so much more.

The “I AM” represents the presence, the aspect of God, the Source of all of creation, that is always present within you.  It is when you acknowledge and appreciate your “I AM” presence, that you will begin to align with your higher self, with conscious awareness to construct, repair and create a more fulfilling life.  Affirming verbally, mentally and emotionally that you are aligned with your “I AM” presence is in fact, your way of telling the Universe that you already believe you have accomplished your true intentions.  This is a shortened, yet highly effective version for a positive affirmation…..stating I AM healed, I AM abundant, I AM protected, I AM loved is your aligning with the belief that it already is!   The more your affirm, the more you re-train your mind to align with your new truths and the sooner your life manifests your desires.

You may just be beginning your journey with working with crystals or perhaps you are a seasoned veteran using this wonderful modality.  Whichever the case may be, you will enjoy working with Mother Natures precious gems.   This is by far the most awesome, natural & fun way to assist you with whatever area in your life you’re desiring to change.

Connecting with the energetic vibrations or essence of a particular stone, along with expressing desired, focused intentions, is when your magical experience begins.   You may immediately feel a connection when picking up each stone or you may feel nothing at all.  Either way, it is important to continue steadily using them and allow their energies to influence your own energy field.  It is in this merging together or resonating with one another that your life will begin to change.

A few tell-tale signs your attuning to your crystals:

  • You experience a tingly sensation gently caressing your skin.
  • You may feel a slight fluttering in your belly, like butterflies in your stomach.
  • Feel a swirling sensation in your heart center or chest area.
  • You may feel a little lightheaded, foggy or get the feeling your floating on air.
  • The top of your head may feel prickly, tingly or itchy.
  • You feel heat all over your body, get suddenly flushed or the palms of your hands become hot.
  • You feel a surge of electric-like energy suddenly flowing from your head to your toes.

These are just a few of the most common signs that you are actually experiencing an energetic exchange with your I AM crystal medicine bag.   Enjoy the magical ride, as you embark upon a journey to enlightenment, empowerment & a new found sense of well-being.  If your reading this article today, you have drawn it to yourself by desiring certain changes to enhance your life.  It is from your thoughts, feelings and seeking, that the Universe “always” hears your hearts desire.  Now, here you are… ready for a big change in your life and being introduced to an alternative choice for healing your body, mind & spirit.

Below are some I AM Crystal Medicine Bags to be introduced soon on Etsy:

Emotional Body: I AM…

  • crystal medicine bagsAbundant – increase flow of abundance in all areas of life & wealth
  • Accepted – healing the heart from abandonment issues & self-love
  • Comforted – dealing with the loss of a loved one with ease & grace
  • Easing Arthritis Pain – reduces arthritis & bursitis pain due to inflammation in the joints
  • Energized – increases strength, stamina & vitality
  • Fearless – face your anxiety, fears & phobias head on & release them
  • Healing My Inner Child – integrate & comfort all aspects of the self
  • Liberated from Despair – releasing depression, despair, stimulates passion for life
  • Letting Go – releasing  blockages of old thoughts, habits & beliefs
  • Lifted Up  – letting go of guilt, shame, unworthiness & feeling alone
  • Managing Anger – eases anger, rage & frustrations due to repressed emotions
  • Peaceful – dispel anger, frustrations, rage & deal well with others
  • Prosperous – increase vibes to succeed in reaching business goals
  • Uplifted – heal emotional pain due to trauma or sudden loss
  • Worthy – healing the emotional body from physical & mental abuse

Physical Body: I AM…

  • crystal medicine bagsAligned – opens the flow of Chi & the meridians, aligns the Chakras
  • Cleansed – a set to detox the body of impurities from everyday living
  • Content – help calm over-stimulated & hyperactive children, ADHD
  • Desirable – assist yourself with loosing weight & curbing the apatite
  • Easing Allergies  – helps allergies, asthma, upper respiratory issues
  • Fertile – enhance your natural reproductive system to increase fertility
  • Fortified – boost your immune system, increase stamina
  • Healthy –  a general wellness bag for health & sense of well-being
  • Healing Indigestion – Eases acid reflux, digestive disorders & ulcers
  • Joyful – surround yourself with high vibes to increase the joy in your life
  • Love – attract a loving relationship & enhance your love life, romance
  • Nurtured – helps nurture mother/child’s life throughout pregnancy
  • Woman – balance & enhance your life during menopause

Spiritual Body: I AM…

  • I AM crystal medicine bagsClairvoyant – increase your inner visions ability to see beyond the veil
  • Connected – opens up crown Chakra to channel & connect with spirit
  • Creative – give your creative passion a boost of inspiration & vision
  • God/Goddess – balance Yin/Yang, connect with your souls essence
  • Intuitive – increase your psychic abilities, connect with higher self
  • Multidimensional – remember past lives, dreams & Akashic records
  • Protected – ground, shield & dispel dense vibrations from your field
  • Purified – purifies & cleanses density from your Auras energetic field
  • Raising My Vibration – increase your vibrational fields resonance, joy

May you truly enjoy the experience as you open up your heart to allow the wonderful exchange of pure Source Essence, to energetically flow to you through the crystals.   Source energy is flowing endlessly throughout all of creation and is ready to give freely of itself.  Connecting with your crystalline companions with these high vibe, energy packed I AM Crystal Medicine Bags, is the perfect way for you to get started today.

Until next time, this is Sunscape
Sun. Scape. Ing your day
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