apache tears

Apache Tears Grounding Stone to Gaia

Apache Tears ~ Brown Obsidian

Key Words ~ Grounding, protection, emotional clearing

Color ~ Mottled black, white and grey, usually water worn

Chakra ~1st – Root, 2nd – Sacral, 4th – Heart

Element ~Earth, Fire

Affirmation ~ I am grounded in my home, the Earth, and I am safe and protected.  I release all that no longer serves my highest good for my spiritual growth.


Apache Tears, used for the 1st Chakra and 2nd Chakra for protection and stabilization bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit. It grounds and cleanses the Earth Chakra. It is much gentler than Black Obsidian, working much slower, to allow you time to adjust to all the negative emotional baggage that can surface when using this stones energies.  It is a wonderful talisman for protection against unwanted energetic vibes from others and it helps to raise your psychic awareness too!   This will help you to see if you have any unwanted energies hanging around your Auric field that may need clearing.  Sometimes, negative vibes just seem to hover and cling to the Energy body and Apache Tears is wonderful at clearing these for you.

Using this stone during meditations will bring old thought patterns and beliefs to the surface. Be prepared to see those areas that you may not have thought needed attention. For these will be the issues that you may need to let go of or need emotional healing for.  This means that sometimes you may see things that can surface due to past-life circumstances.  It can show up for you to release those generational type belief patterns and wounds of your fore-fathers that they were unable to release.

apache tear stonesA great stone for comforting during times of sadness and grieving. Have you experienced times of trauma, a loss of a loved one, or perhaps you have felt like the victim due to unforeseen circumstances?  If you allow it, the stone will help you to find the source of your sadness. At that time, you will be able to let the negative beliefs and feelings go, to be transmuted so that it can be reused again in a more positive manner.  Forgiveness of any wrongs will soon follow, encouraging compassion and love to flow to members of your immediate and extended family, as well as those whom may have even caused you harm.

Apache Tear stones resonate with the Fire Energy due to their being birthed through Volcanic activity.  This balance of the Fire and Earth Elements is what benefits your Chakras and Meridians by cleansing and purifying the body.  These beautiful stones remind us of the wonderment that we can feel by being so connected with Gaia and her sentient self.  We are reminded how blessed we are to be so in tune with every cell, molecule and atom that comes directly from Source.  Even the lower energy of the Earth plane is hear to remind us how the Yin and Yang balance for our benefit.  The As Above and So Below are attributes of the Apache Tears.

Are you interested in connecting with the lower, hidden realms of spirit?  The Nature Spirits, Faery and Elemental beings are ready and waiting for you to connect with them.  Place some stones in your gardens and ask them to delight you with their presence.  Perhaps they will even show themselves to you.   Now that would be a hoot and a holler!

In healing the body, it is used for treating muscle spasms and assimilating Vitamins C & D while strengthening the hair and nails.   Apache Tears help to strengthen the circulatory and immune systems by vitalizing and purifying the blood which helps to detoxify the body as well.

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