Aspects Associated Choosing Crystal Energy

How To Decide Which Crystal Is Right For You

Are you new to crystalline energy
and wondering what stone or crystal cluster
you should work with first?


My questions to you is, what is the outcome your are looking to achieve with the stones?

Working with one or two goals at a time is better than trying to mix a lot of different stones all together at once and hoping for a good outcome. I would like to make this suggestion to you before you choose… Decide what your top priority in each of the following categories happens to be. Then choose the appropriate stones that can offer you the highest benefit for each area.

  • 1- Emotional Body

  • 2- Physical Body

  • 3- Spiritual Body

Below you can find a few examples of stones you can choose from with the energetic properties for each of the categories to give you some idea of where to start.






Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Depression, anger, frustration, self-acceptance, love, loyalty, passion, commitment, relationship stone, enjoyment, safety, grounded, abundance, calming, fears, panic attacks & anxiety.

PHYSICAL: Anemia, circulatory, blood, heart health, detox, grounding, quick injury recovery, intestines, colon, fatigue, reproductive organs, testes, menopause, sexuality, stamina, vitality, strengthens the Root Chakra.

SPIRITUAL: Manifesting stone, transformation, Oneness, survival instincts, actions, inspiration, cleanse negativity, sexuality, Kundalini energy, see truths, increase faith, manifest dreams, psychic protection, past life recall, Karmic patterns.

Affirmation – “I AM grounded, secure & strengthened from within the depths of my being while in this physical realm.”






Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Grounding, stability, oversensitive, balanced emotions, truthful to self, creative expressions. release sexual shame or quilt, sexual abuse or trauma.

PHYSICAL: Physical stamina, energizing, generate muscle tissue, low blood pressure, circulation, heart health, sexual drive, impotence, menstruation, dizziness, respiratory, vertigo, fetal health, stabilize pregnancy, stomach issues, overall good health.

SPIRITUAL: Grounding stone, awaken to the Kundalini energy in spine, dream recall, higher awareness, manifesting creativity, sensuality.

Affirmation – “As I focus on enjoying my life, I am strengthened in my physical body & my stamina increases.”






Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Balance, grounding, commitment, creativity, depression, mental disorders, pride, power-struggles, concentration, self-loathing, worthiness, deal with change.

PHYSICAL: Bones, reproductive organs, hormone imbalances, fatigue, blood fortifier, metabolism, cell repair, endocrine system, vitality, strength, energy.

SPIRITUAL: Grounding, polarity consciousness, duality, higher self connection, protection, psychic abilities, unconditional love & compassion, abundance stone, Kundalini energy.

Affirmation – “I AM exhibiting confidence, strength & vitality as Spirit expresses itself through all my actions while in the physical world.”






Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Calming, anxiety, stress, emotional healing, trauma, anger & rage, soothing, over-sensitivity, leadership skills, intellect and decision making, joy, optimism, release attachments, embrace change.

PHYSICAL: Energizes, balance energies, heart health, eyes/vision, allergies, cell repair, lungs, stimulates metabolism, lower cholesterol & blood pressure.

SPIRITUAL: Manifest abundance & prosperity, Connect with the elemental realm, Positive energy.

Affirmation – ” I AM embracing change with confidence to move forward in my life.”






Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Anger, anxiety, frustration,old energy patterns, self-expression, peace, joy and harmony, positive attitude, courage, acceptance, crying, protections, strength, creativity and compatibility.

PHYSICAL: Aches, acid re-flux, ulcers, asthma, bruises, colds, fever reducer, headaches, laryngitis, nervous system, unblock the throat, stress, tension, arthritis and bone disorders, sinus, sore throats, lymphatic infections.

SPIRITUAL: Communicate with angels, spirit guides, higher spiritual planes, releasing negative energies, meditation, vision quests.

Affirmation – “I AM open to communicate with my higher self, angels & guides with clarity & understanding.”






Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Express yourself, speak truth, abuse, clarity, confidence, depression, despair, grief, hope, obsessive compulsive disorder, nervousness, compassion for others, panic attacks, honesty and virtuous behavior.

PHYSICAL: Asthma, bone health, childbirth, detox, dizziness, menopause, immune system, pain, headaches, throat, thyroid, thymus, blood purifier, vomiting, vertigo, hearing loss and insomnia.

SPIRITUAL: Communication, higher purpose, inner truth, psychic intuition, visionary experiences, meditation, psychic attack, shielding negative energy, Source connections, opens inner portals, past life recall, dream recall.

Affirmation – “I AM aligned with my higher self & hold fast to my highest truth.”






Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Anger issues, loss, guilt, fear, focus, forgiveness, grief, addictions, nightmares, insomnia, peace, serenity, selfishness, stress & anxiety.

PHYSICAL: Boosts hormone production, aids digestion, overindulgence, aids the dying, immune system, skin, relieve headaches, pain relief, stress, purifies and renews body.

SPIRITUAL: Psychic intuition, meditation, dreams, awareness, higher consciousness, telekinesis, raising vibration and visualization.

Affirmation – “I AM connected to the Divine within, safe and secure.”






Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Neutral but will enhance ones energy at the moment.

PHYSICAL: Purify & cleanse the body, stimulate nervous system, hair & nail growth, tissue repair, pain reliever.

SPIRITUAL: Opens Crown Chakra raises awareness, meditation & grid stone, Universal Consciousness, communication with guides, psychic abilities.

Affirmation – “I AM thankful for the assistance to manifest my desires in this moment of now”






Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Release blockages, mental alignment, mental healing stone, paranoia, past traumas, compulsive behavior, worry, anxiety, obsessive thinking.

PHYSICAL: Supports energy, rejuvenate Chakras, re-balance your meridians, dispel negative energies, center & grounding, protect against electromagnetic energies, transmutes discordant energy, Arthritis pain, compromised Immune System, detox, balance the male and female energies, dyslexia and hand to eye coordination.

SPIRITUAL: Protect & cleanse the Aura, Shamanic stone, psychic attack, scrying, grounding for Divine Source Light.

Affirmation – “I AM totally centered, grounded and purified from all negativity.”






Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Feminine energy, calming, emotional balancing, purpose, higher perspective, release pent up frustration, patience.

PHYSICAL: reproductive organs, digestion, detoxifies, eliminates fluid retention, relieves insomnia and sleepwalking, hormonal system, cramps, menstrual cycle, stress relief and aids assimilation of nutrients.

SPIRITUAL: Meditation stone, Journey stone, good fortune, contact higher self, goddess stone, mystical experiences, angelic contact, lucid dreaming, intuition, clairvoyance, empathic and psychic abilities.

Affirmation – “I AM connected to the Goddess within me and I am in touch with the Divine feminine energy.”




I like to stick with 3 – 4 stones max, it is a personal choice. The important thing is your objectives, what is your main focus. Work with the stones that most closely represent that and be specific with your intentions, visualize the feelings you would like to experience with the final outcome, see the final results in your imagination. These visualizations and feelings are key to reinforcing your desires into your mind and out to the Universe for manifesting.

You are embarking on a journey that will start to unfold layer after layer of hidden aspects of yourself. The journey will unfold step by step for you. So be patient with yourself and the process. Follow your natural instincts or intuition and choose how to work with the stones accordingly. It is you that will know and feel your way to well-being. You may even try placing them all on the table and intuit which ones to take with you that day. Your body, mind and spirit, your higher self, knows what you have need of. So play with them, it is supposed to be fun and always, always, always follow your feelings.



Thank you for stopping by my post, I hope you enjoyed learning how to choose the right stones for you.

Until next time, this is Sunscape
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