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Auralite Crystals New Conscious Awareness

“Auralite 23”

Auralite Crystals Key Words

“Super 23” / High Frequency / Awakening

  • Chakra – 6th – Third Eye, 7th – Crown & 8th – Soul Star
  • Element – Storm
  • Origin – Cave of Wonders – Ontario, Canada

Auralite Crystals are wonderful, uplifting stones offering vibes of hope and optimism to enhance one’s outlook on life. Come dance with Auralite as the ancients once did.

Minerals in Auralite

Auralite crystals come from the Boreal forest in Northwestern, Ontario Canada. It is said that an average stone carries at least 17 and up to 23 of these elements & minerals within it. They can include some of the following according to scientific research:

Iron, Limonite, Pyrite, Goethite, Titanite, Lepidocrosite, Gialite, Ajoite, Pyrolusite, Cacoxenite, Hematite, Copper, Covellite, Nickel, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Magnetite, Sphalerite, Rutile and Bornite.

Aspects associated with Auralite


This breakthrough stone helps to release past life issues and energetic patterns being brought forward into this current life focus. It helps on release old patterns of behavior and perceptions that continue to be egoic conflicts today.

Increases your joy, peace, contentment while bringing balance and harmony to your emotional state of being. It eases depression by removing energetic blockages increasing your confidence and self-acceptances of self. Auralite crystals also aid your communication skills in interacting within the relationships you have with others.


Restore the balance of the male and female aspects of the physical energetic body. Auralite activates the weak Chakras and opens up the flow of Chi through the meridians. This promotes health and a sense of overall well-being.

Increases physical strength and vitality by aiding physical regeneration. By repelling negativity it helps to release muscle tension due to anxiety. If you are prone to sleep disorders, place some Auralite crystals on your bed stand, they will help you to relax similar to Amethyst crystals and also enhance your dream state… perhaps inducing a lucid dream.


Open up the Akashic records with Auralite and tap into your past lives. Receive ancient wisdom and Spirit guidance by grounding your base Chakra and awaken your Kundalini energy, as it opens up your channel to God/Source/All That Is.

This amazing stone offers psychic protection and cleanses your Aura body. Get in touch with your greater aspects (soul) to assist you in manifesting your goals and dreams. As the Third Eye and crown Chakras open up you will experience an increase in your intuition, discernment and may even have precognitive visions.

If you plan on working with Auralite crystals, be prepared to open up your mind to infinite possibilities, as your intuitive senses ignite.


” I AM aware that I am as old as time itself, and I am reflecting those aspects in my life’s journey’s here.”

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