AZURITE Stone of Heaven for Journeying


“The Stone of Heaven”

Azurite is a powerful stone for raising ones consciousness to higher spiritual awareness.

It enhances psychic vision and mystical experiences by stimulating the third eye.

Key Words ~ Insight, Visions, Intuition

Chakra ~ 6th – Third Eye, 7th – Crown

Element ~ Wind

Astrological Sign ~ Sagittarius, Aquarius

Numerical Vibration ~ 1

Hardness ~3.5 – 4

Color ~ Blueberry, indigo, greenish/brown.

OriginPeru or Morocco

Affirmation ~ “I intend to expand my awareness of my higher self  & experience my multi-dimensionality in visions & dreams.”

Aspects associated with the crystal.


While you align yourself with the loving, nurturing energies of Azurite, the vibrations bring you comfort during times of anxiety, stress and ease your worrying.   It’s qualities can help you to quiet doubts that rise up in your mind, often shaking your confidence to the core.   You will be able to clarify any hidden areas where inner blockages reside in the energy body.  This is the time you will want to accept these areas of experience and let the beliefs go that keep you in a place of self-sabotaging your life.

It’s wonderful when you can ask for assistance in facing your latent, underlying fears and bring them to the forefront once and for all.  The deceptive behavior that you’ve become accustomed to throughout your life will now become uncomfortable to you.   The scenarios that you attract to yourself to recognize will now play out in different events, until you decide they no longer serve your learning experience.   You will then know, that you know, that you know beyond a shadow of doubt that you will now be ready to move past your fears and into a greater truth of who you are.


AzuriteAzurite is wonderful for stimulating functions of the brain, especially creativity.   It aids in bringing clarity to situations and it enhances your memory as well.   The energetic vibrational patterns assists in aligning the spinal column, while working on healing your body on the cellular level.  Your cells naturally align with Azurite and remember their harmonious state of being.   This helps you to heal on an energetic level, as well as a physical one.

Some of the areas that really resonate with Azurites vibrations are in the throat.  Issues of the throat, such as soreness, laryngitis and upper respiratory symptoms like Asthma and chronic chest congestion can be aided using this stone.

Even though this is a pure Blue Ray Stone it does work well with the lower areas of the body too.  It is perfect in helping you to detox your kidneys, gallbladder and liver organs of impurities.   Skin issues that cause itching can find relief with Azurite.  Even joint problems and arthritis find relief due to swelling.   Headaches and migraines lesson with spending some quiet moments aligning with Azurite as it helps you to come back to a state of harmony with the self.


You will love working with Azurite on a spiritual level as this stone really connects with the Divine essence within you.   Sit quietly with the stone and ask for assistance during times of  meditation or carry it with you throughout the day with the intention of connecting to it’s guidance and your higher self.  This will enable the two of you to get to know each other…this is called resonating with the crystal.

Your inner senses begin to come alive as you connect more and more  with the whole essence of self from a higher perspective or vantage point than you were able to do so before.    As you set the intention to connect with your higher self, cosmic guides, the Universe and Source ….you may soon see an increase in your psychic abilities such as Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience.   These are just a few of the ways Azurite opens a channel to the Divine realm of experience.

As you become more aware of your true essence you connect with all aspects of the self.  Past lives, memories buried deep with come to the forefront of the mind.   Your multi-dimensional self becomes more and more real to you as you enter into the full knowledge of who you are on a spiritual level.

Azurite is a  beautiful, blueberry, multi- colored stone, with the pure embodiment of the Blue Ray Spectrum of the Universe. Just holding onto an Azurite stone, asking for it’s assistance, with the intention of furthering your knowledge and experiences, will insure a fabulous, magical, fun-filled ride. Enjoy!

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