Blue Apatite Your Psychic Connection

Blue Apatite

“Your Psychic Connection”


Key Words ~ Akashic Records, Dream Stone, Psychic Intuition

Chakra ~ 5th – Throat, 6th – Third Eye

Element ~ Wind

Astrological Sign ~ Gemini, Libra

Numerical Vibration ~ 9

Hardness ~ 5

Color ~ Indigo blue

Origin ~ Madagascar

Affirmation ~ “I open my inner eye to access the depths of knowledge associated with all aspects of my multidimensional self.”

Aspects associated with the crystal.


If you’ve been waiting for a stone to open up your inner senses, then Apatite is for you. This Blue Ray Stone is absolutely delightful to work with. Your dreams will come alive or more to the point you will know that you are participating in your dream. Lucid dreaming is an adventure all in itself. Getting in touch with your probable and alternate realities is made possible with this gorgeous, blue stone.

Working with this high vibration stone opens up a channel for you to experience the other supernatural realms. Your psychic abilities are enhanced as your third eye opens. Once this happens your knowledge expands as inner visions appear to show you aspects of your multidimensional self.

Learning about your past and future selves is so amazing, as this allows you to interface and learn about how you can integrate this knowledge to further your journey in this present focused reality.

So if you have been trying to understand particular issues in your life…perhaps working with Apatite will clarify them for you.


apatiteThe stone works with the Wind Element so the mind is definitely a key aspect here that Apatite will assist. Mental clarity and focused attention is key, especially for those who are always working with computers. Teachers, lecturers or business minded people will find this useful for staying on tract while presenting. The stone works very well with stimulating your eyes, especially if they are weekend due to aging and long periods of eye stress.

The cleansing properties assist the mental body to clear out any blocked or cluttered areas of the mind. This is one of the reasons why your understanding of situations becomes so clarified. Also, if you are prone to headaches or dizziness due to bouts of vertigo be sure to get yourself Apatite as this will balance those areas in the body.


Apatite is a harmonizing stone bringing a sense of calm to your emotional center. Stress and anxiety seem to just disappear when working with them. Learn to express yourself more openly too as this is perfect for the Throat Chakra. It helps one to notice where any emotional imbalances are or where any hidden fears are located due to past life issues. When you are able to see to bring them to the surface you will be able to accept them for the learning experience that they were. In turn, you will be able to understand the hold any old beliefs have on you due to the events.

Working with Apatite is sure to open you up to the inner realms of self-knowledge which will expand your awareness of you. That is sure to make your journey here a much smoother one. Enjoy!

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