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Emerald Crystals Attract Abundance

~ Emerald Crystals ~

Key Words ~ Abundance, Love & Compassion, Green Ray Stone

Chakra ~ 4th Heart

Element ~ Water

Hardness ~ 7.5 – 8

Color ~ Green – semi-opaque

Origin ~ Brazil

Astrological Sign ~ Aries, Gemini & Taurus

Numerical Vibration ~ #4

Affirmation ~ “I live an abundant life, I do not believe in lack as the Universe provides me with whatever I focus my intentions on.  So I focus on having an Abundant life!”

Emerald crystals in their natural state are indeed a beautiful way to enjoy Mother Earths mineral kingdom.   Since Emeralds are considered one of the prosperity attracting stones, you may just want to add this one to your collection.   It’s vibes lend you courage and encouragement to follow those inner feelings and impulses which help to manifest your desires.

These pretty stones are very nice meditation stones as they open up the channels to your psychic intuition.  It is possibly the purest crystalline Green Ray Stone for the Heart Chakra, aiding your connection with the Divine within, opening your heart to experience true compassion and unconditional love.  This stone is perfect for helping one to live from the heart instead of the mind.

emerald crystalsSince it works mainly with the heart, it is the perfect choice for someone who may be recovering from emotional wounding due to the trauma endured from different forms of abuse.   Emerald crystals are the go to stone for giving oneself that extra dose of love that is needed for deep healing.

If you are one that lends to thinking you are in some way less deserving or unworthy compared to others, give this stone an opportunity to help heal your heart.  These gentle vibes help to dispel the heaviness in the Auric field due to events and beliefs one holds onto over their lifetime.   Emerald crystals assist you in letting go of that victim hood mentality, alleviating the pains held deep within from rejection and abandonment issues.  As the heart heals, this stone of love will open you up to experience heartfelt compassion and love for others.

Enjoy the freedom of love once again, for yourself and others as you work with this wonderful Emerald Crystal.

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