Fire Quartz Crystals Energizing Vibes


Metaphysical Properties of Fire Quartz Crystals




Fire Quartz Crystals can assist you to connect with your inner guidance system.

This amazing stones essence helps you to stay focused while bringing clarity to the situation at hand. On an emotional level… the stone can help you to let go of any past life issues or deep seated trauma you may be holding on to. Working on the lower Chakras to open up any blockages in the energetic body to aid in releasing negative/discordant vibes.

As you work with Fire Quartz crystals you may just realize a new found sense of confidence, self-assurance, as well as, self-acceptance. If you have been struggling with poor self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness, you will love the gentle encouraging vibrations this stone offers. Any emotional issues will become less intense as the stone helps you to realize the truth of any situation you are going through.



Fire Quartz crystals aid the functions that are associated with the first three Chakra centers, the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus. This can include anything from your survival instincts, reproduction system, sexuality, Immune system, balancing your Chakras, strengthening your kidney and liver functions and helping to cleanse your body of toxins.

Many have found that the stone helps balance an over-active Solar Plexus. This is one of the reasons that many suffer with ADHD and can not focus on one thing for long. They can help to align the energy bodies to aid in raising the concentration level and grounding one back into reality.



The fiery qualities of this stone stimulate the flow of energy from the root to the crown Chakra, opening up a channel to activate one’s Kundalini energy. This assists in enabling you to connect to your inner/higher self and your spirit guides. During quiet times of meditation and reflection, hold onto Fire Quartz crystals to keep your channels wide open for sweet communication with the Universal energies.


fire quartz crystals

FIRE QUARTZ: (Hematoid Quartz/Harlequin Quartz)

Key Words ~ Concentration, Self-Esteem
Chakra ~ 1st – Root, 2nd – Sacral, 3rd – Solar Plexus
Element ~ Fire
Astrological Sign ~ Scorpio
Numerical Vibration ~ 7
Hardness ~ 7
Color ~ Opaque with Hematite inclusions




“I AM confident in my connection with Spirit at all times and I listen to my inner guidance system by following my impulses with focused intentions.”


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