Garnet Stones Ground Physical Realm



Garnet stones are perfect for grounding oneself into the physical realm and for strengthening & protecting the physical body during transformation.  They are also wonderful for clearing deep, seated fears, anxieties and frustrations that you may be holding onto.   Many times one does not even realize how much inner issues are still affecting them now from traumas or hurts that they have endured during their lifetime.   The Garnet stones are great for helping one to see the truths behind the fears as they surface for you to acknowledge.   It is key to face your fears and accept them for what they are and let them be released to enjoy a fuller, beautiful and free you.


Garnet Mini Chips

Key Words ~ Survival, Strength, Security, Protection
Chakra ~ 1st -Root, 2nd -Sacral, 4th – Heart
Element ~ Earth
Astrological Sign ~ Aquarius, Capricorn, Leo, Virgo
Numerical Vibration ~ 11
Hardness ~ 6 – 7.5


Affirmation ~ “I AM grounded, secure & strengthened from within the depths of my being while in this physical realm.”


Aspects associated with the crystal.



Depression, anger, frustration, self-acceptance, love, loyalty, passion, commitment, relationship stone, enjoyment, safety, grounded, abundance, calming, fears, panic attacks & anxiety.


Anemia, circulatory, blood, heart health, detox, grounding, quick injury recovery, intestines, colon, fatigue, reproductive organs, testes, menopause, sexuality, stamina, vitality, strengthens the Root Chakra.


Manifesting stone, transformation, Oneness, survival instincts, actions, inspiration, cleanse negativity, sexuality, Kundalini energy, see truths, increase faith, manifest dreams, psychic protection, past life recall, Karmic patterns.

There is something very special about using Garnet Stones and chips throughout a grid for manifesting intentions.   The aspects of this stones essence are truly amazing for grounding your desires into the physical realm.   Garnet stones would be a valued addition to your crystal collection for sure.   I hope you enjoyed today’s post…. Sending abundant crystal vibes your way.

Until next time, this is Sunscape…

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