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GARNET Your Love Story Stone


Key Words ~ Survival, Strength, Security, Protection
Chakra ~ 1st -Root, 2nd -Sacral, 4th – Heart
Element ~ Earth
Astrological Sign ~ Aquarius, Capricorn, Leo, Virgo
Numerical Vibration ~ 11
Hardness ~ 6 – 7.5

Affirmation ~I AM grounded, secure & strengthened from within the depths of my being while in this physical realm.”

Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL:   Depression, anger, frustration, self-acceptance, love, loyalty, passion, commitment, relationship stone, enjoyment, safety, grounded, abundance, calming, fears, panic attacks & anxiety.

PHYSICAL:   Anemia, circulatory, blood, heart health, detox, grounding, quick injury recovery, intestines, colon, fatigue, reproductive organs, testes, menopause, sexuality, stamina, vitality, strengthens the Root Chakra.

SPIRITUAL:   Manifesting stone, transformation, Oneness, survival instincts, actions, inspiration, cleanse negativity, sexuality, Kundalini energy, see truths, increase faith, manifest dreams, psychic protection, past life recall, Karmic patterns.

garnet stoneGarnet stones offer you wonderful vibes while grounding you in the Earth plane as you experience bringing your imaginations into manifestation.   It is the go to stone for increasing your stamina while achieving your goals and encourages you to stick with it to make things happen in the physical.   It will illuminate what it is that you need to be focusing on to enhance your journey here.

This stone works with the lower Chakra energy centers aligning you to your souls purpose.   It will help you stay grounded and feeling secure in your life so that you do not let your survival instincts run rampant.  Garnet helps you to understand that you can trust in life’s situations to be exactly what you need at any moment in time.

Relationships are enhanced when you work with Garnets as they are considered an ancient aphrodisiac.  While the stones energies unite with yours you will find your compassion for others increasing along with perking up your sex drive.   The stone is perfect for opening the Heart Chakra to allow oneself to enjoy the true essence of Divine Love.

Spiritually Garnet is considered the “Stone of Enlightenment” by many Native tribes all over the world.  This should be considered a staple for any crystal enthusiasts collection.    Enjoy your creating your personal “Love Story” with Garnet!

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GARNET Your Love Story Stone


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