Golden Tiger Eye Grounds to the Earth

Golden Tiger Eye

Key Words ~ Strength, Balance, Discernment, Grounding

Chakra ~ 1st – Root, 2nd – Sacral, 3rd – Solar Plexus

Element ~ Fire & Earth

Astrological Sign ~ Capricorn, Leo

Numerical Vibrations ~ 4 & 8

Hardness ~ 7

Affirmation ~ “I AM exhibiting confidence, strength & vitality as Spirit expresses itself through all my actions while in the physical world.”

Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL:   Balance, grounding, commitment, creativity, depression, mental disorders, pride, power-struggles, concentration,  self-loathing, worthiness, deal with change.

PHYSICAL:  Bones, reproductive organs, hormone imbalances,  fatigue, blood fortifier, metabolism, cell repair, endocrine system, vitality, strength, energy.

SPIRITUAL:   Grounding, polarity consciousness, duality, higher self connection, protection,  psychic abilities, unconditional love & compassion, abundance stone, Kundalini energy.

Golden Tiger Eye is the go to stone for working with the lower Chakras as it grounds your energy into the Earth plane.  If you are prone to bouncing between extremes, Tiger Eye will help you to deal with the polar energies.  Everyone has both light and dark within them so finding a balance and understanding your nature is made a bit easier with this Golden Ray Stone.

golden tiger eyeThe light energy emulates the Sun’s rays carrying the creative energies from Source.   When you are feeling inspired to spend some time with your creative impulses be sure to have Tiger Eye close by.   It will assist you with manifesting your imaginations into reality from the non-physical realm, where in fact all of creation takes place.

Golden Tigers Eye is a staple for all crystal enthusiasts as it invites that extra boost of energy that everyone needs from time to time.  It facilitates a sense of encouragement, strength and desire to persevere during difficult times.   Your determination will definitely be aided with this stones versatility as you push through your circumstances.

If your relationship with others is sometimes uncomfortable or confrontational, then wearing or carrying a Golden Tiger Eye stone will assist with seeing the circumstance from a neutral perspective.  Often times the only way to solve disagreements with others is to really see the other persons view as if you were on that side of the situation.   The stone will help you to stay grounded, centered and neutral to any judgements of the event.   Isn’t that wonderful when you can be so connected with your higher self, in tune, one with a higher perspective, able to rise above and not react.  Golden Tiger Stones really does “Rock It Out!”

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