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Iolite Crystals Connect Alternate Realities

Iolite Crystals for Higher Awareness


Iolite crystals, a Violet Ray stone carries within it colors which radiate in different directions, from blues, violets, golden, green and even clear. This crystal is sometimes found under the names of Cordierite, Dichroite and Indialite but many call it the “Water Sapphire.”


Key Words – Joy / Truth / Visions
Chakra – 6th Third Eye
Element – Water
Planet – Jupiter
Hardness – 7 – 7.5


Metaphysical Aspects Associated with Iolite



Calms and soothes, positive vibes, self-expression, creative ideas, releases discord, self-reliant, self-esteem, soothes mental body, yin/yang balance and is good for emotional attachments in relationships. Aids in letting go of old beliefs and dissolves the fears of the unknown.


Gentle calming vibes for insomnia, eases headaches, soothes sore throats, liver functions, detox, fever reducer, improves mental functions. Helps with addictive behavior, especially alcohol. Opens Third Eye Chakra, balances the outer layer of Aura. Strength and vitality


Connects you to your soul, guided meditations, astral travel, protection and comfort, psychic healing, channeling, spirit connections, past life awareness, shamanic stones, clairvoyant vision quests.

Companion stones: Amethyst, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli, Tanzanite and Hematite for grounding.

Journey with Iolite crystals on your path to self-realization, as the stone connects you on a soul level to the depths of your unconscious, to discover who you are and why you are here.




“I AM open to receive information from my inner knowing and the spirit realm to assist me along my journey to self-awareness.”


iolite crystals metaphysical properties

Astrological Sign

Libra, Sagittarius & Taurus


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