Kyanite Balances Yin Yang Energy


Balances Yin/Yang Energy


Blue Kyanite carries a high energy vibe which is perfect for opening up channels through your higher Chakras to assist in connecting the spirit realm with the physical.  It is the perfect stone to help one to balance the Yin/Yang energies in the physical and spiritual body.

Key Words  – Past Life Recall / Telepathy / Inner Journeys / Channeling

Chakra  – All

Element  – Storm

Astrological Sign – Aires, Taurus, Libra

Numerical Vibration –

Hardness  – 6 -7 

Affirmation  – “I AM in tune with my inner/higher self, connected to all of nature and receive messages from spirit that enhance my growth as my soul journeys here.”

Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Helps one to communicate with others in an open manner, emotional clarity, focus, calming stone, emotional connection with inner self.

PHYSICAL: Opens energy centers, releases blockages, aids in healing physical trauma, surgery and bone breaks, creates new neural paths, head injuries, pituitary glands, throat issues.

SPIRITUAL: Opens up a channel to receive from spirit realm, enhances psychic abilities, recall past life events, telepathy, inner visions, journey stones, bridges the inner realm with the outer realm, communication, channeling, lucid dreaming, spiritual awakening, clarity of mind, mind & heart integration, protection shield around Aura.

kyanite blue crystalsKyanite is the perfect stone to meditate and sleep with as it accentuates your chances for a vision quest and lucid dream states.   If you are trying to remember your dreams and have not been too successful then use a piece of Kyanite to help stimulate your senses and trigger your lucid dreaming so that you will become aware in your dreams.   This will help you to remember little details.   Continue sleeping  with a piece and you will eventually realize that you are watching yourself while you participate in events in other dimensions.

If you are starting on a quest to understanding your past lives and looking to learn more about universal truths, then Black Kyanite will help you to journey into the depths of history.   Vision quests are so much easier when you keep a piece of Kyanite near you during inner ventures.

Many say that it also helps to open up channels for telepathic communication.  Blue Kyanite paired with green or black Kyanite will stimulate different areas in the energy body and help you to gain full conscious awareness during your journeys.   There are many wonderful benefits to using a piece of  Black Kyanite for healing after an illness or surgery.  The stone will help to open up your energy centers and bring them back into balance, which is greatly needed after the body goes through trauma.

If you are a nature lover looking to increase your connection with your environment, then get a piece of Green Kyanite to enhance your senses.  Enjoy a heightened state of awareness as you experience your surroundings in a new way.  Your connection to the life force energy that surrounds you will amaze you as you work with this stones energies.   Whichever area you are looking to stimulate, Kyanite is definitely a stone that you will not regret adding to your personal collection.

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