lapis lazuli stones

Lapis Lazuli Stone of Awareness


Key Words ~ Inner visions, truth, communication

Element ~ Wind

Chakras ~ 5th Chakra – Throat ,  6th Chakra – Third Eye

Color ~ Deep Blue flecked with gold

This stone, because it is associated with the higher Chakra’s, enhances your spiritual endeavors.  It opens up your throat to be able to communicate your intentions in a way that is better suited for your higher purpose.  It immediately reduces your stress level, bringing you into a peaceful state, allowing you to experience the spirit realm while contacting the angels and your spirit guides.  Your journeys will be much improved when incorporating Lapis Lazuli into your meditative practices.

If you need help with self-awareness and seeing your inner truths, Lapis will aid you with that.  It will allow you to express yourself, without compromising your true self, because “truth” is in Lapis energetic nature. It helps to bring out the best in you, such as, compassion for others, honesty and virtuous behavior.  Therefore, some of the negative qualities  or underlying vibes that you may be unaware of carrying within you will be made known in this stones presence.

Since this is considered a Blue Ray Stone you can expect your third eye to beef up your psychic intuition and your visionary experiences during you times of meditation.  Tapping in to your intuition is easy with this stone as your awareness is magnified by the wonderful vibrations.  You may see a flow of information streaming in from Source in images instead of information to the mind because of the opening up of your Third Eye.

If you are a journeyer and love to meditate, seeking your spiritual truths, you will enjoy how Lapis Lazuli opens up the inner portals to your past lives.  It is through these visions and memories that come through your dream state that you get a clearer understanding of who you are and why you are.    It can be helpful in understanding your life’s lesson this time around.

If you need help expressing yourself verbally to others, get one of these and wear it above your diaphragm, perhaps in the form of a necklace or place one in your jacket pocket.  You will be amazed at the affect it has in eliminating headaches and feelings of depression.  If you happen to be one of those prone to nervousness, you need this stone in your arsenal.

If you are a healing practitioner , here are some more of Lapis healing qualities which include: throat, thyroid, thymus, blood purifier, immune booster, vertigo, hearing loss and insomnia.

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