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Lifted Up Medicine Bag Raises Vibes

I AM Lifted Up

from Guilt / Shame / Unworthiness


The “I AM” Lifted Up crystal medicine bag carries specific intentions & energetic vibrations to connect you with your “I AM” presence to assist with healing & balancing your Body Mind & Spirit!

These wonderful, crystal stones were carefully chosen to “fully” cover the specific area that you are intending to focus upon to better enhance your life. No matter what your needs are, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, an “I AM”medicine bags specific combinations, can assist your journey to well-being.

lifted medicine bag

Energetic Properties:

Release addictive patterns, energetic purification, finding root causes for behavioral issues, release victim mentality, empowerment, overcome guilt & shame, unworthiness, owning one’s value, emotional healer/balance, increase one’s optimism towards life, help to forgive, clear resentment and improve how one expresses compassion towards others.

These are just a few of the ways this combination of stones can assist your needs.  The “Lifted Up” medicine bag stones also work with all the elements below.

Elemental Connection:

Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Storm


“I AM lifting myself up & freeing myself from the chains of shame, guilt & unworthiness to re-claim the truth of who I really am.”

“I AM a beautiful expression of pure love & I no longer hold to those lower vibrations that defined who I thought I was.”


This particular medicine bag helps you to recognize, review and release dense, energetic vibes that may be affecting your body.  Each stone carries it’s own unique resonance that can assist you in whatever area you desire to enhance.   Mother Nature has given us so many great modalities to choose from and gemstones are just one way to help us experience a better life.  You can find a complete listing of different “I AM Medicine Bags” here on the website or visit the Etsy store to purchase your needs.   Thank you for stopping by….

Until next time, this is Sunscape

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