tumbled moonstone by sunscape

Moonstone The Travelers Stone


Key Words ~ Goddess stone, Intuition, Cycles

Color ~ Translucent Milky, Pearly White

Chakra ~ Third Eye – 6th, Crown – 7th

Element ~ Wind

Affirmation ~ “I AM connected to the Divine Feminine Goddess within me”

The stone of “New Beginnings”. It’s lovely iridescent, reflective sheen, is like that of it’s namesake, the moon. It’s energies are super enhanced during the full moons cycle, but subtle otherwise. The calming affects of Moonstone are remarkable when emotions are running rampant. It is filled with receptive, feminine energy, balancing the yin and yang, male and female energies. If one’s tendency is to be too strong, in either the male or female energy and need to re-balance, Moonstone is the go to stone for the job.

It was considered the “Travelers Stone” for protection against the dangers of travel. Also used as a talisman of good fortune. Legends say the stones become brighter as the new moon comes into it’s fullness.

Used for the Third Eye and Crown Chakra to enhance intuition, clairvoyance and psychic abilities. It will help one to get in touch with the subconscious and bring it to the conscious part of the mind. Used during meditation, you utilize Moonstones energy to help facilitate a mystical experience, contacting your higher self and the angelic realm become much easier.

tumbled moonstone by sunscapePhysically, Moonstone is wonderful for helping women through the menstrual cycle, reducing cramping and discomfort. Because of it’s ability to balance the hormonal system, it eases the stress and emotional upsets that occur during the monthly cycle.

Other healing attributes: It aids the reproductive organs, digestion, detoxifies, eliminates fluid retention, relieves insomnia and sleepwalking, helps the assimilation of nutrients to the body and more.

Place a stone under your pillow with Amethyst and you may just enjoy a lucid dream.

Until next time, this is Sunscape

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