orange calcite

Natural Orange Calcite

Element ~ Fire

Chakras ~ 2nd – Sacral, 3rd – Solar Plexus

Origin ~ Brazil

Affirmation ~ “I enjoy creatively manifesting so that I have the best in life through all dimensions of me”


An intensely energizing, cleansing stone for working with the lower Chakra’s. It is used to detoxify your physical body and helps to eliminate any stagnant negative energy you may be holding. Simply having Calcite in the room with you, purifies your environment while energizing you at the same time. Now that is really awesome!

Orange Calcite is a wonderful stone to use to enhance your spiritual journey to higher conscious awareness. It will help open up a channel for your psychic abilities to come through, thus heightening your awareness of the spiritual realms.

orange calciteYou may just find yourself out of body, astral traveling and having intuitive visions while working with this high vibration stone, as well as, communicating with the angelic realm in ways you have never known before. Yay!!!!

Mentally you can use this to connect the emotional with the intellectual aspects of yourself. It is a wonderful tool to use during studies, stimulating mental clarity, while motivating you at the same time.

Calcite is a wonderful healing stone which facilitates your damaged tissues to regenerate, bringing a quicker healing to your body. It works with the lower parts of the physical body to bring healing wherever needed, such as the reproductive & immune systems. Many have found intestinal disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome and gallbladder dysfunction aided by having used Orange Calcite.

Skin issues are helped immensely too, when used as a tincture or essence made with the calcite crystals. I would do the in-direct method only when using the natural, rough stones.

If you need more joy, happiness or humor in your life, add Calcite to your collection of crystal gems. It will alleviate depression and balance your emotions, by eliminating any fears you may be holding onto.

Healing practitioners love to keep this crystal in their healing collection, as it is a great stone to work with when doing a whole body workup. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful energy amplifier for long distance healing too.

The bright vibrations Orange Calcite sends to your energy body, is just so amazing, I can not express enough how uplifted you will be. Enjoy Natural Orange Calcite today, I know you will be pleased.

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