petrified wood patience

Petrified Wood The Stone of Patience


Fossilized Wood
Element ~ Earth
Chakras ~ Root – Third Eye
Hardness 6.5 -7

Petrified wood is a member of the Quartz family, even though the piece looks like a stone, it is not. It has in fact turned to Silicon dioxide.

This is considered the Stone of Patience, reminding us of the slow transformation that we take on our spiritual journey. If your interested in past-life recall, keep a piece of this handy during times of reflection.  It is thought to carry the wisdom of the “old ones’, our ancestors that have come before us.  If your are just starting out on a spiritual journey, this stone is perfect for connecting you to the transforming vibes that nature is so wonderful at sharing with us.

As you consider your past, you will find that this stone grounds your perspectives in this reality and helps you to balance any necessary work that needs to be accomplished in this lifetime. It is sometimes hard to let go and release the past, but petrified wood makes it just that much easier. It is very helpful then to aid in the releasing of patterns of thinking that have been passed down from generation to generation.

petrified woodThey say that the wood actually embodies the wisdom of the ancient trees that witnessed the early primitive days. The knowledge gained through the generations past can possibly be accessed with the right intentions using a piece of petrified wood. Our cellular memory holds within our own DNA our Akashic records. As we access this information we are able to facilitate the expansion of our awareness as we head forward on our journey.

Using this ancient wood opens a portal to the aura of the planet connecting you to the electromagnetic circuit of Mother Earth grounding you to all her natural beauty. As you become more acquainted with her you will begin to resonate with caring for her in a grander way. You will be able to assist her with her own healing as we journey together on this ascension path.

You may also experience the healing powers of these ancient pieces of wood as they assist you in balancing your physical body to bring healing wherever needed.   The wood will help you to access the cellular memory so that you can ask the cells to release old programs that no longer serve you at this present time.   Past life recall and reading your own Akashic records are done using the Petrified Wood.  It works wonders in doing healing work on the liver and gallbladder since they are associated with the Root Chakra.  If you need additional help with your Root Chakra I offer other stones in a medicine bag for working with that specific region of your energy body.

For whatever reason you are attracted to Petrified Wood….know that you will enjoy all of the benefits that they hold within them.

Until next time, this is Sunscape
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