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Picture Jasper Ancient Portals

Picture Jasper Opens Ancient Portals

Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is often used for journeying to ancient, sacred places found around the globe during meditation.  As your third eye opens up and you enter into your heart space with the intention of connecting with Mother Earth, be prepared for some awesome journeys into ancient civilizations.  Merging with the consciousness of the Earth’s essence will be much easier while holding onto Picture Jasper stones.  It is so wonderful how Gaia has given so many different modalities to understand and connect with her goddess energy.

Key Words  – Earth Consciousness / Ancient Portals / Healing
Chakra  – 1st Root, 6th – Third Eye
Element  – Earth
Astrological Sign  – Leo, Capricorn
Numerical Vibration – 8
Hardness  – 7

Affirmation  – “I AM connected with the energies and ancient records of Earth and journey inwards to discover knowledge to increase my personal growth for the good of all.”

Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Helps one to connect with nature, harmony, balance, release deep grief and fear, calming, confidence, emotional healing, relieves stress and anxiety.

PHYSICAL: A healing stone, supports bone growth, immune system, kidneys, skin, lung disorders, allergies, align Chakras and meridians.

SPIRITUAL: Journey stone,  ancient records, sacred places, meditation, spiritual connections, inner visions, dream work, third eye stone, connect with Mother Earth’s consciousness, Oneness, creative visualization.

picture jasperCarrying Picture Jasper in your pocket helps to release tension and anxiety that builds up during the day.  As your energy patterns or energy field merges with that of Picture Jasper your Chi energy flows more freely through your meridians.   It also busts through energy blockages that may be held in or around your Charka column.  This will enhance and support cellular memory to restore health to the body.  If you work with clients for physical therapy or massage, this stone will assist their wellness journey.

Picture Jasper has beautiful markings throughout the stone!  It is said to represent ancient knowledge and wisdom held within the consciousness of Gaia.  Perhaps gazing or scrying with this stone will open you up to an inner journey into the Earth’s history.  Wouldn’t that be fun to travel through time and connect with the energetic patterns of past lives!

On a physical and emotional level, Picture Jasper enhances your total sense of well-being.  The subtle vibes of the stone will bring a calming influence into your presence.    As you work with this stones essence, it will stimulate your senses to help you remember how connected you are to all of creation.   No matter which area you intend on improving, whether emotional, physical or spiritual… Picture Jasper is a wonderful stone to enjoy the process of remembering and healing.  Enjoy!

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