pink mangano calcite

Pink Mangano Calcite Opens Hearts

Pink Mangano Calcite


Key Words ~Well-Being, Compassion , Oneness

Chakra ~ 4th – Heart
Element ~ Fire
Astrological Sign ~ Cancer, Libra, Taurus
Numerical Vibration ~ 4, 55
Hardness ~ 2.5 – 3
Origin ~ Brazil, Peru

Affirmation ~ “I AM one with my Higher Self, accepting of all aspects of me.  I see myself as beautiful & perfect at all times.”

Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL:  Connectivity with others, release suppressed emotions & deep seated issues, abuse, anxiety, calming, grief, forgiveness, hope, self-worth, tension, stress, discernment, acceptance, worthiness, self-esteem, release fears, peace.

PHYSICAL:   Bones, skeleton, skin, trauma, sexual abuse, tissue health, immune system, nervous system, nightmares, pain control, well-being, cleanse & purify energy body.

SPIRITUAL:   Communicate with Angels, Divine Love, unconditional Love, Oneness, Higher Self, inner knowing, release negative energy, amplify energy, Stone of Empathy.

pink mangano calcite
This sweet stone opens the hearts energy field helping you to be more empathetic towards everything.   This often helps you to feel more appreciative of that which surrounds you.  It assists with perceiving life from the heart space instead of the mind, which in turns expands your conscious awareness of the co-creator that you are.

Pink Mangano Calcite is the perfect stone to use when doing distance healing.  It opens the energetic field to connect on a vibrational level with the other person with whom you are sending healing out to.  The gentle vibes of the stone will also help you to see anything that is buried deep within the emotional body.   Placing some around your healing space would be very beneficial.

With the soothing vibrations of Pink Mangano Calcite you can resolve confrontations quicker with these stones.   The energy they send out is peaceful and compassionate.  You cannot help but see the others perspective from a different position than when you first disagreed.   Placing the stones under the pillows or within your children’s play area is another way to create a calm atmosphere in your home.   Peace and tranquility will envelope your personal space when meditating too as it activates your higher heart to connect with Divine Love.

Connect with the emotional balancing energies of Pink Magnano Calcite.  They will bring to the surface any long standing patterns and habits that are buried in the emotional body.  It is beneficial to allow these to surface and release the trauma and emotions that lay dormant.   Recognize them for the value they held in bringing you to the place of growth on your journey today.  Everything experienced has a purpose in one form or another.  The stones will help you to perceive the events from a higher vantage point.   You just may find yourself in a state of forgiveness and understanding of the role others have played in your life.

Enjoy these sweet Pink Mangano Calcite vibrations as they offer loving vibes to all who want to connect with them.

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