pink opal tumbled stone

Pink Opal Stone of Compassion

Pink Opal

Origin ~ Andes Mts. In Peru

Chakra ~ Heart -4th

Hardness ~ 5.5

Numerical Vibration ~#8

Astrological Sign ~ Cancer, Libra, Pisces & Scorpio

This beautiful pale pink stone works primarily with the heart Chakra to help us exhibit compassion to ourselves and to others. As with all matters of the heart, Pink Opal helps to heal any traumas, hurts or afflictions affecting our emotional state, especially areas that need healing from our past lives.

Sleeping with this stone or holding onto it during meditation will help oneself to heal the areas as they are brought to the surface of your mind’s eye. It also helps one to remember dreams, so keeping one under your pillow may be enlightening to you.

pink opalIf you have children that tend to have nightmares, you may find this stone gentle enough to assist them in having a peaceful nights sleep. It works wonderfully to bring peace and calm to one’s heart center and Aura body.

If you want to keep your connection to the angelic realm open, where a piece of Pink Opal in jewelry form to do so. The stone will love assisting you on your path to connecting with the Divine within, your guides and angelic companions.

If you find yourself anxious, fearful or doubtful, unable to trust yourself and your intuition, try using the Opal to keep your heart space calm and collected.  It can open up your heart space to feel where the pain and fears are coming from when you take the time to reflect on the cause of your anxiety.

I am sure you will be pleased with the vibrational properties of this precious stone Mother Nature has provided for your use.  You can find these beautiful stones in my Etsy shop for your purchasing pleasure.

Until next time, this is Sunscape

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