red jasper

RED JASPER Energizes, Vitalizes & Stabilizes



Red Jasper Energizes, Vitalizes and Stabilizes your Energy Body



Key Words ~ Strength & Vitality
Chakra ~ 1st – Root, 2nd – Sacral
Element ~ Earth
Astrological Sign ~ Aries, Scorpio
Numerical Vibration ~ 6
Hardness ~ 6.5 – 7

Affirmation ~ “As I focus on enjoying my life, I am strengthened in my physical body & my stamina increases.”


Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL:  Grounding, stability, oversensitive, balanced emotions, truthful to self, creative expressions. release sexual shame or quilt, sexual abuse or trauma.

PHYSICAL:   Physical stamina, energizing, generate muscle tissue, low blood pressure, circulation, heart health, sexual drive, impotence, menstruation, dizziness, respiratory, vertigo, fetal health, stabilize pregnancy, stomach issues, overall good health.

SPIRITUAL:   Grounding stone, awaken to the Kundalini energy in the spine, dream recall, higher awareness, manifesting creativity, sensuality.


red jasperRed Jasper is perfect for working with your Root Chakra center to increase your life force energy and your connection with the Earth.  This is a great grounding stone to carry with you or wear in a jewelry piece as it is perfect for overall health.  It’s subtle energies work to increase the flow of Chi energy in the body which opens and connects all your Chakra’s.   Your will feel more balanced and experience an increased sense of overall vitality when connecting with Red Jasper.

Enjoy an increase in your imaginative, creative ideas by asking assistance from this wonderful manifesting stone.   Red Jasper is perfect to have in your space if your feeling the urge to express your creative style.  It does not matter which way you choose to express yourself as this is one of the many areas that will be stimulated in your energetic body.

One of the key attributes of this stone is in the releasing or the acceptance of emotional wounding due to sexual abuse during your lifetime.   The stone will assist you in healing any areas that the pain is being held in your energetic body.  They will help you to bring these traumatic events to the surface to face them and release them allowing you to move forward without shame and guilt.   You may find combining them with other Root and Sacral Chakra stones very beneficial in your healing process.   Your self-worth and self-esteem will increase as you acknowledge any areas within you that are laying dormant.   You need not go searching for them, but allow them to surface naturally as your soul leads you during your times of intraspection.  Enjoy working with Red Jasper on your journey to wholeness.

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