Rhodonite Generates Generosity Towards Humanity

Rhodonite Crystals


 A Pink Ray Stone From Madagascar

Chakra4th Heart & 1st Root
ElementFire & Earth
Hardness5.5 – 65

Affirmation“My talents are made known to me so I may share them with others to benefit from my gifts”


Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Compassion, love, generosity, worthiness, acceptance, inner awareness, clarity, persistence, self-esteem & souls purpose.

PHYSICAL: Healthy Heart stone, supports the flow of “Chi”, boosts energy, weight loss, detoxing, liver health, strengthens organs, kidney & gallstones.

SPIRITUAL: Discover hidden talents, awareness, Divine love, life force energy, awakening, conscious expansion, dream recall, increase intuition, inspiration from your higher self.

RHODONITE crystals open up the heart center to share your love & compassion with others.   This beautiful stone helps to bring out your true gifts & talents.   As you develop these inner expressions of your higher self, that are hidden within you, you then get to share them with those within your circle. This is the gift that Rhodonite gives to you….to help you bring your inner talents to the surface, to become an outward expression of your souls loving essence to the world.  It is through discovering your talents that you also discover your soul’s purpose.  In turn you focus your attention upon gifting humanity with your generosity by showing others how to discover themselves as well .

Rhodonite acts as a personal beacon to assist you in staying on tract with your souls journey.  It works wonderfully with other “love” stones such as Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Pink Mangano Calciite, Garnet and Emerald too.  Combining Rhodonite with any of these heart enhancing stones will be sure to open you up to love in a grander way.

RhodoniteOn an emotional level, “You are Worthy” is this stones purpose & word to you today. Feel sure about who you are, what your doing & where you are going on you spiritual path.  Many of your dreams can help you to understand and determine if you’re staying on course.  Rhodonite is the perfect stone for assisting with dream recall and attuning to those inner knowings during meditation.  Combine it with Pink Opal to really turn up the volume for connecting to the other side during your dreams.

On a physical level the stones energetic properties are wonderful for supporting you on a weight loss regime.   They will help to detox and purify your physical body to balance your system so it may function more effectively.

Combine this beautiful stone with the many available today to enhance physical body.  It is so wonderful that you can count on Mother Nature’s little gems to assist you with your journey.

Until next time, this is Sunscape
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