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Pink Ray Crystals



Rhodonite crystals are a Pink Ray spectrum stone found mainly in Madagascar.  The pink ray mainly influences ones heart center to expand and share the expression of ones souls essence with others.

Chakra4th Heart & 1st Root
ElementFire & Earth
Hardness – 5.5 – 65

Affirmation“As my talents are made known to me, I share them so that others may benefit from my gifts as well.”

Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Compassion, love, generosity, worthiness, acceptance, inner awareness, clarity, persistence, self-esteem & souls purpose.

PHYSICAL: Healthy Heart stone, supports the flow of “Chi”, boosts energy, weight loss, detoxing, liver health, strengthens organs, kidney & gallstones.

SPIRITUAL: Discover hidden talents, awareness, channeling spirit realm, Divine love, life force energy, awakening, conscious expansion, dream recall, increase intuition, inspiration from your higher self.

Rhodonite Crystals Rhodonite’s gift to us, as it opens up the Heart Chakras energy center, is to help us to share more love with the world around us.  Instead of focusing upon who can love us, the stone encourages one to share their love outwardly towards humanity.  We are all here journeying together and Rhodonite enhances ones energy body with loving, compassionate vibes.

This generosity of heart towards others is what humanity needs.  As you share your love and compassion with others the universe in turn responds to the energy you are putting out.   The loving vibes then return to you full circle, thus continuing to expand your own heart in an ever increasing way.

Meditating while holding a Rhodonite crystal stone is a wonderful way to discover some of those hidden talents that you may not have realized yet.  There are so many layers of multidimensionality to a persons essence yet to be realized.  Discovering some of those gifts can happen when you choose to work with this crystal companion.

These crystals can help to bring these skills to your awareness so you can begin to share them in service to others.   The energetic signature that you put forth as you desire to share your gifts with others, will in turn attract those who are ready to receive your unique talents.

Sleeping with Rhodonite under your pillow is a great way to discover your souls desire for your life.   You can expect your dream state to reveal messages from your sub-conscious mind to bring clarity and understanding to the forefront, so you may know your life’s purpose.

On a physical note, the stones energetic properties work well with supporting ones weight loss regime.  They help to detox and purify the bodies systems to function more efficiently, in turn assisting ones metabolism.  It is considered a heart healthy stone in the metaphysical community.   It opens up and boosts the flow of Chi in the body.

rhodonite crystalsOne of the sweetest attributes of working with Rhodonite crystals is the emotional support they offer.  If you tend to deal with self esteem issues, this heart stone will surround you with a blanket of worthiness.  It may be subtle at first, but as you continue to work with Rhodonite you will tune in more astutely to the loving vibes it shares with you.

Isn’t it wonderful that the Universe and Mother Nature have given so many powerful gemstones to assist and inspires you on your journey to greater awareness.  If your looking to purchase Rhodonite crystals you can visit my Etsy store at the link below and also find a huge variety of crystals to delight all your needs.

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