ruby record keeper

Ruby Record Keeper A Tabular Crystal


 – Natural Tabular Crystals –

Key Words ~ Record Keeper, Life Force, Passion, Protection

Chakra ~ 1st – Root, 2nd – Sexual (Sacral), 4th – Heart

Element ~ Earth

Astrological Sign ~ Aries, Cancer, Leo

Numerical Vibration ~ 3

Hardness ~ 9

Origin ~ India

Color ~ Ruby red – garnet

Affirmation ~ “ I am rejuvenated in Body, Mind & Spirit as I embrace the passion rising up from within.”

Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL:  Compassion & acceptance of self, love, align with life purpose, anxiety, steadfastness, courage, empowerment, passion, shame, guilt, dispel negativity, fortitude, hope, trust, optimism, emotional healing, determination, self-confidence.

This is a very powerful Heart stone which will assist in opening up any Etheric blockages in the Heart Chakra. The loving vibes help you to experience love for yourself, which is often the key to finding your true happiness in life. As you work with the Ruby record keeper you may just find yourself seeing other aspects of yourself and the experiences of other lives. This is due to the fact that it opens up a channel to your Akashic Records which hold all the knowledge of your entire existence. It is a wonderful experience to be able to see the hidden knowledge within yourself.

ruby record keeper As you continue working with the Ruby Record Keeper your compassion for others will increase. The more your heart center opens up, the more love and compassion flows out from within you to those you meet. You will find that you become more accepting of others opinions, life choices and their personal journeys; you will let go of any previous judgments about how you once perceived their life should be. You will become aware that the love you will feel for yourself is Divine Love, and you will begin to express it outwardly while embracing others in a whole new light.

Any previous traumatic energy held in your Auric field will surface as you align with the stones essence. You may begin to visualize or have memories pop into your mind. When they appear it is time for you to take notice of these events so that you may accept them for the part they played in your life’s journey. The stone can open up and dispel these blockages as you address them and embrace them with love and acceptance.

PHYSICAL:  Energizing, Root Chakra healing, circulation, anemia, blood disorders, blood pressure, heart health, sexuality, menopause, menstruation, infertility, sexual abuse, impotence, increase vitality, dizziness, focus, stress & anxiousness, addictions, self-abuse. regulate metabolism.

This Ruby Ray Stone works perfectly with the lower Chakras to help you release the issues that brought on any of the dis-ease you may feel associated with these centers. Use Ruby to help balance any areas associated with the heart too. This can include blood pressure, anemia or blood disorders, circulatory problems, etc.

The second Chakra which encompasses your sexuality and creativity it strengthened with the Ruby crystals. Balance your menstrual cycles, lessen your PMS and post menopausal symptoms too. If you need help with any area associated with the sexual aspects of your self than work with the Ruby crystals and the Ruby Ray to open yourself to heal. This stone is the go to stone if you tend to be abusive towards yourself in any way or towards others as it increases love and compassion.

SPIRITUAL:  Red ray stone, creativity, manifesting, transformation, intention, spiritual awareness, releasing imprints of past life trauma, increases faith, Divine love, abundance, adventurous spirit, synchronicity, activates Kundalini energy & protects from psychic attacks.

Divine Love, Divine Love, Divine Love…. Open up your heart center and experience unconditional Love, straight from Source, God, the Universe, All That Is. Increase the awareness of your spirituality as you become one with the unified field of consciousness. It is here that the “remembering” occurs and you feel and know what it is to be ONE with all of creation.

This high vibration stone will help you to transform any imprints held within your energy body. The Ruby activates your Kundalini energy to open up the channels to all aspects of you while keeping you grounded to the physical plane. The crystal helps to shield you from psychic attack or what you perceive to be negativity coming into your field as you work to release the density held within your imprint.

Whatever area of your life you feel needs some loving attention…Ruby Record Keeper can assist you on your journey to well-being.

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