rutilated quartz tumbled

Rutilated Quartz for Power-Packed Vibes


Color  ~ Translucent clear with copper, golden or silver – black Rutiles
Chakras ~ All
Element ~ Storm
Hardness ~ 7 Rutiles ~ 6 – 6.5
Origin ~ Brazil or Madagascar

Rutilated Quartz is a combination of clear or Smokey Quartz with inclusions of Rutiles (Titanium dioxide) that look like fine hairs within the stones.

These stones are truly power packed with outstanding vibes!

~ The enhancing & magnification properties of clear Quartz
~ The grounding & cleansing vibes from Smokey Quartz
~ The attuning, acceleration & amplifying aspects of the Rutiles

This is a highly “programmable” stone, making it a must have when working with intentions & affirmations for healing & manifesting desires.  Using programed stones really does give your intentions a power-packed punch when working with grids.  It is like bombarding the Universe with super-imposed instructions with an assist from the mineral kingdom.  It can’t get any better than that.
(Programming a stone is best done in a meditative state using visualization while focusing your intents into the interior of the stone)

rutilated quartz tumbled

Carrying this wonderful stone with you is very helpful in raising your intuitiveness so that you discern whether a situation or persons vibes are beneficial or not.  Having one in a necklace is just perfect as it can hang down right around the heart center to help with holding that open connection to Source….”All That Is”.

You will find that Rutilated Quartz activates the higher mind during meditation increasing the incoming flow of information from the spiritual realm. It infuses ones energy field with the in streaming Light Energy from Divine Source.

During healing sessions, working with these stones helps to breakup blockages or tears that appear in the Etheric body so that they do not manifest into the physical form as pain, illness or disease.

Whatever your intentions while using Rutilated Quartz you can be sure to have accelerated, positive results.  Oh Yeah!

Until next time, this is Sunscape
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