Stilbite Crystals Shift Dimensions



Stilbite Crystals Shift Dimensions

Affirmation “I AM aware of my greater, ever expanding, multidimensional self and attune to the whole expression of me.”

Key Words  – Aura Cleanse, Clarity, ADHD
Chakra  – 4th – Heart,  6th – Third Eye, 7th – Crown
Element  – Wind
Astrological Sign Aries
Numerical Vibration  – 6, 33
Hardness 3.5 -4
Color  – pale peach, pink and cream

Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL:  Clarifies thoughts, organizes confusion, helps one realize where they are headed, overcome fearful emotions, calms anger, frustrations & mood swings, trust in self, see greater picture, inner peace, calm the mind, eases the pain from grieving, loving vibes.

PHYSICAL:  Calms mind, ADHD, ADD, maintain mental balance, promotes focus, insomnia, throat issues, Heart Chakra health, brain function, muscular & skelatal, Osteoporosis.

SPIRITUAL:  Realize true desires, expands awareness, connects with ones multidimensional self, oneness, stone of the heart, higher dimensions, dream lucidity, dream recall, meditation, Third Eye, Aura cleanser, Etheric realms, Intuition, OBE, Universal love.


The soft, loving vibrations of Stilbite wrap you in Universal Love and bliss.   This wonderful stone connects the Heart Chakra with your higher Chakras opening you up to connect with the higher dimensions.  Connecting with your multidimensional self is enhanced when working with Stilbite.   The energy gently guides you into a state of floating blissfully through the cosmos during meditation.

StilbitePlacing Stilbite under your  pillow will aid with falling asleep and stimulating the mind to trigger lucid dreaming.   Intend to recall your dreams before falling asleep and be prepared to take notes or begin a dream journal.  This will help you to see the signals, triggers, memories and alternate realities that your total essence is experiencing in other dimensions.   Fun!

Carry a Stilbite stone with you if you are mentally challenged in any way or just have a tough time staying focused.   The energetic frequencies from Stilbite help to harmonize brain functions, quieting the mind so one can organize thoughts to accomplish tasks.  It also helps to release or ease emotional fears that inhibit one from moving forward with making decisions.

If you are unclear about your life’s purpose or soul’s path… using Stilbite during quiet reflections can help clear the mind of clutter so you can realize your true desires.   It is in the depths of your heart that you will “feel” your inner guidance surface to show you the direction your journey is meant to take you on.  Take time to enjoy the loving vibrations of Stilbite as you journey together towards an ever expanding awareness of your greater self.

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