Embodying Ones Spiritual Aspects

Embodying Ones Spiritual Aspects

Embodying Ones Spiritual Aspects

Developing and embodying ones spiritual aspects during this present time frame and heading into the Equinox, seems to be the overall feeling coming through.  As the energetic portals or waves of energy continue opening up and expanding, it is enabling one to see more clearly their multidimensional self.

As within – so without comes to mind very strongly during these energy movements.  It is no longer just a saying heard over and over again, but as actual experiences occur during the daily routine, one is reminded to become more aware of their thought process.  Moments are arising ever more quickly as one comes to realize that what is perceived on the outside is projecting that which resides first on the inside.  As you take a look at your outward circumstances, you begin to see, sometimes even within the present moment, that you truly are the one that is creating your reality and drawing the events to you.

This is part of the journey to self-realization.  Your soul essence is continually sending you signals, synchronicity, a timely word, profound dreams, subtle nudges and impulses that stir you to move in directions that will bring more clarity into your life.  During the process of awakening, your soul leads you to information & events to awaken your inner knowing. You begin slowly accessing your Akashic records, receiving glimpses of lives being lived simultaneously to your present focused reality.

At first you may think you are just having dreams or sometimes even nightmares that you tend to shrug off as having no relevance upon your life.  However, as you open yourself up and intend on broadening your awareness, your dreams become more lucid, colorful and meaningful.  You may even begin writing in a journal, as you find yourself remembering the interactions within your dream state.  Over time, you may even get the sense that your watching yourself during your dreams as the scenes play out before you.   All of these subtle signals are your way of showing yourself that you are so much more than you perceive yourself to be.

time to soarIsn’t it wonderful when you begin to allow yourself to think outside the normal “box”?  You bring to yourself new concepts and ideas from your cosmic consciousness / higher self / soul essence, whichever term you prefer to use, which helps you to expand upon your present awareness.  You are actually offering to yourself knowledge that you hold within your essence outside of physicality.   The soul begins bringing it into your present focused awareness so that you may integrate this knowledge in ways that help you to free yourself from your self-imposed limiting beliefs.   As you examine the infinite layers of belief systems that you hold within your conscious & sub-conscious areas of the mind, beliefs learned from life, passed down from generation to generation through lineage, religious systems that have helped you along the way, and truths that you adhered to because they served you at any given moment, you open the door to advance beyond these beliefs allowing yourself to take a giant step into the unknown.

Perhaps your journey has brought you thus far, and you find yourself getting glimpses of your alternate selves residing in alternate realities simultaneously.   What do you make of it and what do you do with this information streaming into your life?   Quite simply,  Enjoy it!  These precious moments are you bringing to yourself…. ahha moments of clarity.  They are for you to embrace, embody & hold dearly as these insights and peeks into what lies beyond the veil of forgetting, are what your personal truths going forward will be based upon.   It is all you bleeding through with these wonderful energies that are helping you to expand upon your knowledge, experience your souls essence in a grander way and integrate this into your present focus going forward.

This is what embodying ones spiritual aspects is all about…it is in the knowing, the accepting, and the allowing of these concepts to become an integral part of your daily life.  When you accept these aspects of the self, you in turn expand the awareness of the greater consciousness of humanity.   Go ahead… embrace the changes that are forthcoming with love, joy and excitement and enjoy the revelations they bring.

Until next time, this is Sunscape
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