Getting Affirmations Working or Not

 To Affirm or not Affirm

…that is the question for today


Using “Affirmations”, do you find them working for you or not?


You are not alone in seeking answers to why no matter how many times you tell your self positive statements, you can’t seem to make any headway.  Sound familiar? Yeah, I am right there with you too!  In trying to figure out the why not of the matter and after some long soul searching, I began to find some of the underlying issues of why they were not working for me.

Now, each ones own personality will determine how well one is successful with using affirmations.   Many choose to use positive sayings, over and over again, to help bring changes  to a particular perspective or situation that will be of greater benefit to their life.


Here are a few thoughts of mine on how to be more effective with using positive affirmations to enhance your daily life.

Believe it or not, this is probably the number one reason that you find affirmations are not working for you. Whether conscious of them or not, your beliefs are deep seated thought patterns that have multiple layers of learned behaviors.  These have become such an integral part of who you are that breaking out of them can be somewhat difficult, however not impossible, for all things are possible to them that believe.  😉

affirmations egoBreaking through the multiple layers takes a bit of effort on your part.  One of the most beneficial ways I found was to have a long chat with my ego.   Now to some that may sound silly or downright crazy, but let me share what happens when you have a heart to ego chat with yourself.

The ego, for simplified definition, is your inner protection monitor.  That’s how I perceive the ego.  It watches over you, knows how you think, likes to keep you acting and reacting in the same way, because that is how you have always done it.  The ego really does not like change very much at all, as it will often feel threatened during the process.  Funny how such an integral part of you is not comfortable when you try to make changes in your life.  It will often try to get you to go back to your comfort zone and continue doing and thinking the way you always have.  That’s where the talk comes into play.

A Chat with the Ego

There is an old saying that comes to mind… “stroke the ego”.  I think that had to do with making people feel puffed up or something, however this really does help.   The ego, your ego, needs to know that it is okay to trust your new ideas and choices.  It is like a spoiled child, always trying to get it’s own way.  Take some time to talk to your ego, reassuring it that your desires for change are going to benefit your overall state of well-being.

Let your ego know that you’re going to work on letting go of some old belief patterns, maybe taking one at a time.   Nothing too radical, just changing the way you may have looked and reacted to a particular situation or a persons behavior.  Tell the ego you want to observe instead of react, taking time to choose a different response.  You will be amazed at how quickly you will find changes in your thoughts and beliefs taking on a higher, more beneficial perspective.

The more you encourage your ego to stand down through different situations, showing it that you have things under control, the sooner you will see dramatic changes happening in your life.  It will begin to trust your choices and ease up on the protection programs that it’s been running in the background of your mind throughout your life.


Now, this is key to using positive affirmations to help you change out old thought patterns.  You must trust yourself! Trust your impulses and guidance system to make the changes you need in the present moment.  You can trust in yourself not to steer you the wrong way.  This will help you to not doubt yourself or the possibility of being successful with your desired changes.  The ego may feel uncomfortable during the process and need another stroke or two to remind it that it is okay to enter into unfamiliar territory.  I like to tell my ego we are going on a brand new adventure and to sit back and enjoy the ride.  lol

So, today I encourage you to make up some positive affirmations that help you to let go of some of those old, outworn, outdated thought patterns.  It is time to allow yourself to make positive changes in your life, even if it is only taking baby steps to move you forward on your journey.

Until next time, this is Sunscape
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