Creating and manifesting

Creating in the Present Moment

Creating in the Present Moment

Intent = Desire = Manifesting

Creating in the present moment is you continuously drawing to yourself information for your own excellent expression of expansion.  Ask yourself these following questions to get a feel for where you are at in this present moment in time.

  1. What have I been creating?

  2. What have I already created?

  3. What am I experiencing at this time period in my life?

  4. Am I experiencing reoccurring events throughout my life’s expression.

Each of the answers to the above questions will help you to realize exactly what you have been intending for yourself, whether conscious or unconsciously. As they are representative of what vibrational patterns you are holding within yourself which are surfacing in the “Present Moment”.

Every single person carries within themselves a soul signature or what many have called a “Heart Song”. This signature holds vibrations within your DNA so that you have an inner guidance system that will lead you along your souls desired path for this physical focus.

This embedded soul signature is within your cellular memory to guide you, send you impulses and to help remind you of your souls purpose for being here. It is through your intents that you are often inspired to create or move in a specific direction through your inner impulses. These intents & impulses are what drive and propel your desires to become manifest in the physical. You manifest for a specific experiences; it is one of the reasons you have chosen to come into the physical realm, to express yourself through remembering who you are.

So, go ahead and intend away…have fun creating a very interesting life and enjoy all of your expressions of manifestations. Remember that your “Soul” has come here with a purpose, so do not be surprised when circumstances that are not always up to your liking appear in your focused reality. Events surface to assist you on your journey to awareness of who and what you are… An Essence who has come to play in a physical body to experience a variety of expressions for it’s souls expansion.

When you’re done with your intents, you will no longer choose to stay in physicality. It is then that you will choose to transition back to your non-physical Essence. So enjoy your creative adventures and remember…if it suits your highest purpose, set the intention to transition back to non-physical with grace and ease! Just a thought! 😉

Until next time, this is Sunscape

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