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Dropping Expectations Through Acceptance


Acceptance is the act of loving all aspects of yourself and dropping all expectations of the way you think something “should” be. -Wanda Virgo

Can you feel into that statement? Did you have anything pop up into the forefront of your mind as you read it? Well, if you did happen to have a thought jump out at you, perhaps that is an area that your sub-conscious would like to take a deeper look at.

From time to time, everyone benefits from doing some serious soul searching. Taking some quiet time to reflect on why it is one does things a certain way helps one to better understand themselves. Especially important, is why is it that you came to think a certain way about something in the first place.

Everyone is taught from birth how to think, act and believe in specific ways according to their upbringing. Nothing new here to tell you, I think everyone can agree that the beliefs they hold to are derived from learned behavior.


What came across my mind this morning was this?


Are you holding onto a belief about yourself that is no longer serving your highest interest? Ask yourself the same question, be truthful with yourself. Don’t be afraid to take a hard look at what comes to mind either. Today may just be the day that you make a huge decision to change that thought about yourself.

Are you holding too tightly to a characteristic that you believe is a permanent part of your personality? As an example, maybe you believe that you are a shy person and you don’t think that you could be any different. Did you ever wonder why you’re shy? Where did you learn to be shy? These are thoughts that are worth exploring.

Many times events that took place during the early formative years formed the beliefs that one holds about themselves. Perhaps a parent, teacher or sibling often told you not to express yourself to boldly to others. Maybe you were told to keep quiet a lot instead of having the freedom to express yourself. These occurrences over time will often lend one to become introverted.

This is just a vague example, but I hope you get the idea. Whether you’re dealing with depression, anger issues, grief, unworthiness, self-esteem, abandonment or even not liking the way you look, today is as good a day as any, to take a hard look at why you believe you have to think that way about yourself.

When you take a moment to realize that you aligned yourself with a particular belief about yourself, you can then choose to align yourself with a new belief. It is in the acceptance of all you are that holds the key to a new found freedom. Acceptance of you without judging or being critical of yourself will open your heart and mind to make desired changes in your life.


Letting Go


You can choose to let go of thoughts that may be holding you back. You can choose to believe a new truth about yourself. You can choose to believe you will be confident, secure and accepted by others. You can choose a new and better thought! Take one belief at a time and really address it fully. If you have another area that you would like to become more favorable for yourself, then begin to work on that one.

Be encouraged today, take the first step towards accepting the circumstances that brought you to this moment in time. Those events fashioned you into the person you are today. Accepting them as an integral part of who you are is the first step to letting go of those aspects and beliefs that you may be desiring to change is this moment of now.

Resistance is the opposite of acceptance. If you find yourself resisting some part of yourself, not liking who you are or fighting certain feelings, then you are not being accepting of who you are. Resisting will keep you in a continual loop of repetitive thoughts and behavior patterns.

Instead of fighting yourself it is in the acceptance of all you are that allow you to make changes in your life. So, if you can find peace within yourself and all aspects of who you are you will enjoy a smoother journey to well-being.

Thank you for stopping by to read my insights for well-being today.

Until next time, this is Sunscape
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