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Expand Into Limitless Possibilities


Give yourself room to expand into the realm of limitless possibilities

by letting go of your self-imposed limitations.



Personal expansion or growth can happen when one is able to recognize that they have been holding onto old beliefs, habits, thought patterns, fears and phobias. Noticing any of these areas in ones life is a positive step in the right direction.

Dealing with limiting beliefs and thought patterns can open unseen doors of possibilities for you. You will then be able to examine the new opportunity’s that lie before you and decide which new thoughts are required to make some desired changes in your life. Are you ready to seek out new probabilities for your life yet? Are you tired of the same old routine?


Ask yourself this question…have you been the one holding yourself back? Really think about it before you dismiss the idea. You would be amazed at how many thoughts you hold onto that can limit changes within the different areas of your life.

How you believe your life “should” be is exactly where it will always stay. It can often become your comfort zone, the place that feels like home to your ego. The ego mind has a way of keeping one in familiar thought patterns because that is what it is comfortable with. It will even contribute to you continuing to react to circumstances the same way over and over again, which does not allow one to expand. Have you ever asked yourself why you react a certain way each time a similar event happens to you?

It is your ego assisting you with holding onto old beliefs, responses, feelings and learned behavior. It does not like change at all, it often feels it is loosing control when you try to do so. Sometimes it takes a very long time to realize that one has been doing something the same way forever, often without making any progress.

It just might be time to take a good hard look at the way your perceive yourself and the different circumstances that happen in your life. Doing so can help you to open up your heart to make room for new thoughts and new ways in which to express your feelings to others and expand your self-perception.


When you discover the thought that has kept you in a holding pattern, such as …. “I will never get ahead in life”, it is time to change that thought into a more appropriate one. Have a quick chat with your ego mind and let it know that it is time to make a change.

Go ahead and let it know that the above thought no longer works for you. You are ready to change that statement into one that better serves you. Changing it into a positive statement, such as…”I am ready to get ahead in life and nothing or no-one can hold me back”.

Each time you find yourself saying the old statement, stop yourself and correct it by saying the new thought out loud. Re-affirm to your ego that the old belief is no longer acceptable to you. You will be amazed at the positive results that doing a simple step like this will have on the various areas of your life.


As you continue to notice areas that can use a bit of change, continue to allow your heart space to expand. As the old belief patterns begin to fall away, you allow a higher perspective to take root within you.

You may even start to feel excited about your newly expanded self and will want to continue working to improve yourself even more. These new perspectives that you create for yourself will open up so many new areas of possibilities for you to experience.

As you continue your journey of expansion you may just find a lightness in your step and joy in your heart that you haven’t felt in a very long time. Remember, the only one holding you back from moving forward into the limitless possibilities the Universe holds, is you. What new thought patterns do you want to create for yourself today?

Thank you for stopping by for my inspirational posts.

Until next time, this is Sunscape

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