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resisting vs acceptance

Resisting Versus Accepting Situations

Acceptance of the Moment


Resisting Situations



If you are looking to change your circumstances for the better….then accepting where you are as the perfect place to be, instead of resisting your circumstances and balking at what’s happening in your life…. will bring the changes you are seeking much quicker.

Many of us find ourselves struggling with this challenge all the time.  It could be as simple as someone cutting you off in traffic and having a negative response, to an all out confrontation with someone verbally.   It matters not the situation you find yourself in, as it is how you handle the event from an energetic standpoint.   This is especially important if you are looking to not have the same thing happen over and over again.

When you are able to consciously control your response to the events in your life, you will be able to observe them for what they are meant to show you about yourself.  This is how one comes to realize that there are aspects of the personality that may need some fine tuning,   I dare say that we are all in the same boat when it comes to needing a little tweaking here and there.

Take a step back next time you find yourself in a situation where your dander gets up a little and take a deep look at why you react that way.   This will help you to take a moment when the next situation arises that feels similar to you.  You might just look at it from a higher standpoint by perceiving the event for what it really is…. another chance to take a different approach to the same old energetic event.

Are you ready to make changes in your life?   Take little steps, event by event, respond with an accepting attitude instead of a resisting one.  You will be amazed at how letting go of the resisting turns into a neutral attitude over time.   Life can be good all the time, enjoy the journey.

Until next time this is Sunscape
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