Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper Madagascar’s Atlantian Stone

Ocean Jasper

“Orbicular or Sea Jasper”

This beautiful stone is only found in two places in the country of Madagascar and it’s proper name is “Orbicular Jasper” although most refer to it by the common name of Ocean Jasper.  The unusual markings make it readily recognizable because of the circular patterns found on the stones surface.  What is wonderful too is the fact that you can find this stone in a variety of colorful patterns.  Many also refer to it as “The Stone from Atlantis”!

Key Words  – Stress Relief / Optimism / Detoxing / Connecting with the Divine

Chakra  – 4th – Heart, 3rd – Solar Plexus, 5th – Throat

Element  – Earth

Astrological Sign – Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces

Numerical Vibration – 6

Hardness  – 7

Color – Multiple colors… Red, green, yellow, brown, tan/gray and opaque cream with spherical patterning

Affirmation  – “I AM totally connected to the God/Goddess within and my body, mind and spirit are in harmony with all of the Universe.”

Aspects associated with the crystal.

Ocean JasperEMOTIONAL: Relieves emotional stress, enhances countenance, emotional responsibility, empathy towards others, reduce anger, patience, joy, express truth with compassion, self-confidence, worthiness, esteem issues,  emotions of the heart, trauma, exposes past drama so one can reflect upon events, clear negativity, helps one to communicate feelings of the heart, depression, anxiety and stress, harmonious vibes, soothes irritation.

PHYSICAL: Prevention of disease, stress relief, digestion, detoxing, recovery from illness, cellular repair, healers stone, inner ear, PMS, reproductive system, skin issues / eczema, gum infections, tumors, lymphatic system, integrated wellness stone, Chakra balancing, align the subtle body, thyroid issues and sea sickness.

SPIRITUAL: Meditation, past life healing, soul retrieval stone, abundance, protection, uplifting vibrations, empowering, self-awareness, discernment, release negative vibes, release limiting habits, embody the Divine, in the moment, medicine pouch, Reiki stone, planetary healing, moon vibes, unification, clairvoyance, attunement stone, intuition, Oneness with Divinity.

Ocean Jasper has to be one of the all around great stones for overall well-being.  They would be a very beneficial stone to keep in a medicine pouch for healing the body, mind and spirit.  These wonderful, subtle water vibes are so soothing to the soul while being uplifting to the spirit at the same time.   The amazing array of color combinations are endless too, each sporting it’s own energy within the distinct patterns.  The spherical patterns remind one of the infinite possibilities that are offered to each and every soul to experience in life.   Many look at the circular patterns on the stones surface and are reminded of the intricate cellular structure that everyone carries and how unique each person is within the grand scheme of things.

Working with Ocean Jasper will help one to bring to the surface any hidden wounds or trauma that has been held within the energy body.   Because of the soothing and calming aspects of this beautiful stone, the energy helps one to deal with the rising issues in a timely manner.  Especially if any of them have been laying dormant for a long time and one needs to finally come to terms with facing the affects of an event so that they may finally be able to release the pent up energies.  Ocean Jasper is one of those unique stones that can help one to balance and clear the energetic blockages held within the body.

If you happen to enjoy quiet times alone meditating whether during a walk, in a room alone or a sacred space, Ocean Jasper is great for connecting you to the rest of the Universe.   Enjoy the lovely vibes when you enter that sacred realm where one connects with Divine Love and experiences being enveloped by the presence of pure Oneness!  This water element stone is a perfect one to add to your Goddess bag or altar space as it opens up a channel to that beautiful feminine energy.  However you intend to enjoy the wonderful vibrations of Ocean Jasper, be sure to add one as your crystal companion today.

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