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Recalibrating Human Consciousness During 2019

Old Souls Know About Multidimensionality

Recalibrating, hmmm such an interesting word that contains so much within it. If you, like myself, have been doing a lot of inner work for the past few years you will understand what I am about to share, even if only on a soul level. However, I feel if you find yourself here reading this article you are probably and “Old Soul” like myself.

Some of you may say, what is she talking about. Others may say this can’t be, she is talking nonsense and others will just stop reading. Many have no interest in understanding what they are going through during this next transitional stage with our planet Gaia. You see, we are indeed all connected to the Earth, the essence of Gaia, the Crystalline Grid and the Universal Galactic energies too. In truth, we are multidimensional beings here upon the Earth to shed our light to the world. This will help to raise the vibration of the Gaia and the Crystalline grid. Which in turns raises the awareness of humanity from generation to generation.

Many of you I am sure have wondered what your purpose is during this lifetime. That is the question of the hour or should I say this, the question of the last few generations. People all over the world began to awaken to their greater, multidimensional selves during the Harmonic Convergence which began back in 1989. Do you remember where you were on your spiritual journey and where your soul was leading you during that time period? I do! It was the shift that we had all been waiting for. The beginning of energetic alignments that would begin to open up the conscious awareness of every human on the planet.

My Pineal Gland was sending signals to my heart, not my brain, the magnetic brain of the body that receives incoming information from Source energy. It is emotional energy, not an intellectual one that can often be proven by science. Instead, it is an energetic vibration from the Universe being downloaded to the human body to help lead and guide our consciousness as the Earth passes through the various stages of evolution.

Looking Back

Since 2012, as predicted by the Myan calender, we passed through the precession of the equinox, we tipped the scales of light on the planet. We literally saved ourselves from extinction, the first time in our earth’s history that we had the potential as a race to actually lighten the vibration of the Earth from the depths of deep darkness into a promising new light. We indeed propelled ourselves into a new era of enlightenment. The Earth and all its inhabitants have entered into a new paradigm, a new vibrational layer, some have labeled this passage as the New Earth.

It is not that the old earth would pass away and disappear. Rather the old, dark energies that ruled the planet for the past 26,000 years were being left behind. Those energies of war, survival, and greed could no longer have a place within the higher vibrations that humanity, Gaia, and the Universe are co-creating for the New Earth. As our sun and the earth entered into a portion of our photon belt that we have never passed through before, we entered a higher vibration of energy that allows us to see more light from Source. Thus, the reason we are able to sense the vibrational changes happening upon the planet today.

Current Energy

That is not to say that there is no longer darkness upon the earth, but humanity itself is raising its vibrational awareness every time a new generation passes away and the new children coming through (old souls) bring a higher awareness of who they are into the global consciousness of the planet. The incoming children know that the old energies do not serve the planet and they choose to bring changes to humanities ways of doing things.

They and we are the change that will bring an end to wars, and personal greed, from the old ones that held the power over the governments and religious institutions throughout the world. We began to see these changes when big banking was exposed and caused a huge crash in the markets. Exposure of wrongdoings in the political arena, the pharmaceutical industries, and even the religious institutions have been forefront in the news all over the world.

Why now? Old energy cannot sustain itself when the light is increased, it has to retreat. As each soul carries forward the understandings of the lives it has lived before, the wisdom is held within their Akashic DNA, within the human body. This DNA is connected to the crystalline grid, the Gaia grid, and the universal grid. We are all one, connected on multidimensional levels, quantum levels. These energies cannot be seen and measured scientifically at this time, but wait, that will soon change too.

Looking Ahead

You are all light creators and the reason things are changing more quickly now. Your light has increased so much so that darkness is retreating, although not without a fight. The light we all carry has changed (recalibrated) the density of the planet. This is because we have taken the time to face the darkness head-on. We stood toe to toe with every fear we have carried throughout lifetimes of struggle, wars, anger, and persecution from humanity. We have surpassed the survival stage and have entered into the light and love of Divine Source. Compassion and love, that is what we now carry forward with us into this next phase of our planets evolutionary procession.

As we continue to look at humanity through the eye of compassion, without reaction and judgment, we will indeed begin to slowly see our New Earth become the glorious planet that it was always meant to be. Each compassionate thought, act, and intent goes into the Gaia Grid to help humanity remember going forward that war and greed no longer have a place in our future. Namaste dear ones.

Until next time, this is Sunscape

Sun. Scape. Ing your day


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