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This weeks reading is from the Card Deck

The Mirror Cards

by Geoff Charley & Lucy Lidell

I will be sharing the information on each card
according to his/her interpretations found in the guidebook
that accompanies the deck, along with my own
intuitive thoughts on the card pulled. Enjoy!


Relationship Guidance Card 1




No. 6

Boundaries are the invisible borders that surround each one of us like a second skin. They make the container that we fill with who we are – our sense of self.

IT’S A COMMON FALLACY to believe that love means dropping our boundaries in order to be closer to our partners, and it’s true that it feels like intimacy. But this is not the intimacy of an adult: it’s the rekindling of the childhood need for love and safety, when pleasing someone else was the only way to feel close and loved. Perhaps this false intimacy has led to you becoming a ‘people-pleaser’ – orbiting around the needs of your partner and allowing their emotions to invade you. Perhaps you’re scared of stating your own needs for fear of causing conflict.

Boundaries are like our immune system. They support what is healthy and life-enhancing and resist what is not. So people with a good sense of boundaries recognize when they have had enough. They know their own limits and are able to shut the door and say ‘No’.

Do you know what you want? Are you able to use your power of expression to draw the line? Can you truly distinguish what strengthens you from what weakens you? You are certainly being asked to question yourself now. Holding strong, healthy boundaries enables us to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ at the right times; to let in people who can care for and support us, and to keep out people who may hurt us. We need boundaries to retain a sense of ourselves as separate, autonomous beings when relating to others. Without them we find it hard to know who’s doing what to whom. And in the confusion, we can find ourselves taken over and lose a sense of our own direction.

You may need to take some time out from your partner to do your own thing, or even to discover what your thing is? It may feel threatening at first – you may fear others leaving if you don’t give them what they want. But if the relationship is to be real and enduring, it requires you to take time to increase your confidence. A dynamic partnership is made up of two complete individuals who respect each other’s boundaries.

Building healthy boundaries is not something you can do overnight. Changing a deep-seated pattern is confronting and takes time, awareness and strength. But if you’re prepared to start now and to persevere, you will learn to stop giving yourself away and begin to forge a life that serves your very highest good.


“I understand that setting boundaries for myself are healthy and necessary for my highest good and the good of all.”



Relationship Guidance Card 2




No. 1

You seem to be holding on to an image of how you want someone or something to be. You have a dream – or a plan. But what you want is clearly not happening. And even though it’s not, you’re still trying to force it to come.

Whatever your situation, you are being asked to just accept things the way they are – and this may not be at all easy for you. Your are probably feeling dissatisfaction, even antagonism, wanting to fight or protest loudly. But it is your lack of acceptance that is causing much of your discomfort, rather than the situation itself.

If you are having critical thoughts, finding it hard to accept someone as they are, consider the possibility that this is a reflection of your own self-criticism, of your difficulty in accepting yourself. If you can’t fully accept the way you are, you won’t be able to accept someone else.

The way through is first to acknowledge and then accept all of the feelings and reactions your are having, without inhibition or judgement. If you find the concept of acceptance hard to believe in, or associate it with weakness, consider the word a little more deeply. It means giving up resistance, not giving up, and allowing life to provide what it is that you need.

We often struggle to give ourselves one thin, while life, int s wisdom, is trying to give us something else. But we cannot always understand what is happening or where our life path is going. Sometimes we just have to follow it.

Do not underestimate the power of acceptance. This is an extremely potent card that indicates the possibility of immense, positive change – if only you will allow it. Give up the struggle. Go with the flow of events that is naturally taking place. Life could in fact be offering you something here.


“Acceptance is the ending of my struggle to change or deny the way things are – even though I may have a desire for them to be different. I choose to accept what is.”



Relationship Guidance Card 3



No. 19


The extraordinary thing about joy is how little we allow it. Yet is it surprising when, as happy, excited children, we were so often told to ‘be quiet’ or to ‘behave’? No wonder we fear it will be snatched away if we let it through!

So many of us suffer from the belief that we need to feel safe before we can allow ourselves to be joyful. And since relationships often don’t feel safe, joy can become a distant prize to attain ‘one day’.

Maybe you’re questioning where the joy is in your relationship, but the chances are that this situation will be familiar to you, even from when you were single. For joy is not ‘out there’. It’s in you, and it always has been. You have just shrouded it with fears and negative beliefs. Joy is the most ephemeral of feelings and only exists in the moment.

Are you focusing on problems and overlooking the possibilities for pleasure that surround you in the here and now? Choose to let go of trying to figure everything out. You’ve never succeeded before, and nothing is about to change in that direction! Then, focus on something that brings you pure, simple, mindless pleasure. It may be connected to your relationship, or something you do on your own.

Whatever it is, engage with it completely, to the exclusion of everything else. Live your enjoyment, whether if be by releasing your body in dance, gazing at something of beauty, or walking at dawn. Young children abound with joy, simple because they don’t feel the need to worry about the future and sort thing out. This brings them solidly into the resent, where they can fully experience the living moment. They jump for joy and with joy: to reach it and because of it.

Underneath your shroud, the joyful child is still alive within you, waiting and wanting to be freed. It cannot be freed by anyone other than yourself. Don’t waste you energy regretting the past or fearing the future. Rejoice in the now and free that child within!


“My Joy is only possible when I surrender to the richness of the moment.”


This Weeks Relationship Guidance


I hope you enjoyed this weeks card reading. I will continue to post weekly cards on Mondays using various decks to keep it interesting. I look forward to you following me for the weekly spirit guidance. Thank you for stopping by my post, I hope you had fun and found inspiration today.

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