Sunscape’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading


Sunscape’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading
June 16th – 23rd

First of the week: Card # 28 ~ RELEASE ~
“I release that which does not serve my higher purpose with gratitude and love.”

What a great way to illuminate the energies of the upcoming week than to have a card come forth that depicts what a full moons energies do to assist us each month.   Letting go of those28-release-wanda-virgo mind sets, old belief patterns and habits that we have picked up throughout our lives is paramount to our moving forward.   This card shows how the element of light flows down from on high to help show us our thoughts and ways that need some changes.

I love that the clouds in the picture show the essence of the this angelic wisdom flowing to us on the winds.  I can envision sitting still, eyes closed and taking a deep breath as the wind blows through my being.

Listen to what the incoming message is for you, take time to sit and breathe in the warm light of the sun and the soft touch of the wind on your skin while tuning into vibrations of your higher self.   What are you feeling coming up?  Do you hear a word or see a clip from a past memory appear in your minds eye?  This is what is being shown to you to address this week.  Take a long look at what comes to you and evaluate how it affected your life then and how you still hold onto the results of that experience today.

It is time, now to be grateful for the event, to know that it was for your highest good, and now it is time to release it and move on.    That is your souls way of learning and growing into the most magnificent person that you are meant to be.   Your journey is always going to take you through many challenges and many great times.  It is how you go through them that is most important.   🙂


Mid -Week: Card #37 ~ CRYSTAL ASCENSION ~
“I am attuned to the universal wisdom and energy of the crystal kingdom.”

37-crystal-wanda-virgoI love the Earth Elemental in this picture showing the ecstasy of vibrating with the energy of the crystals coming forth from Mother Earth.  We are being asked to consider incorporating crystals into our daily lives to enjoy the wonderful, balancing vibratory patterns that the different crystals offer to us.

Crystals each have a specific energetic pattern that can assist us with healing our mental, emotional, physical and Ethereal bodies.  If there are areas that you feel you could use some help with, crystals are willing & waiting to do so.

As you begin to work with whatever stones and crystals you are attracted to at this moment in time, you will find that their energies will align with yours to bring balance to you and bring you into alignment with Mother Earths natural energy fields.  This is a natural, holistic approach to enhancing your life and to help you heal your body.

You can easily carry them with you, place them around your home and work space to enjoy the wonderful energetic patterns.   If you resonate with this card, than it is spirits way of letting you know that the mineral kingdom is waiting for you to enjoy them.  I offer a very nice assortment of crystal stones and pendulums in my Etsy store if you would like to start on your crystal journey.


End of the Week:  Card #15 ~FIND YOU BLISS ~
“I am following a path I love and am fully aligned to my soul purpose.”

This card is another encouragement to seek that which brings you passion, joy and bliss.   The card shows us some sacred geometric patterns & golden light filled with energy 15-bliss-wanda-virgomovements.  We can see the bliss this angelic being is enjoying when connecting to the universal oneness surrounding her.

Are you following your hearts inner desires?  Are you enjoying your life’s work filled with passion & joy?  Or are you just getting by, dragging yourself through your daily routine wondering when you will ever find that peace you once had?

It is time now to release the old ways of thinking and to reach down inside yourself to find what moves you to that place where you can truly say ….. My life is good!  I am doing exactly what I want to do with my life.  I enjoy my work, my family & all my friends & every aspect of my life brings me joy and happiness.

Can you consider & believe that that is exactly what you can have, beginning right now. All you have to do is seek, feel and enjoy what the universe has in store for you.  Take one step at a time towards achieving your desires.  It is up to you to “feel” your way there.  See yourself creating, enjoying & experiencing the anticipation of getting yourself through the entire process of becoming the happy, blissful you.   You are the one that makes it happen….only you.   The desire has to arise from within the depths of your very being.   It is already there within you, so now this card reading is sharing with you it is time to bring it all forth.

Enjoy your week!

Until next time, this is Sunscape
Sun. Scape. Ing your day


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