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White Opal Increases Self Awareness

White Opal


White Opal is the perfect stone for purifying your energetic vibes and connecting you to the greater aspects or the totality of your spiritual essence.

Key Words  – Inspiration / Purification / Emotional Balance
Chakra  – 7th-Crown
Element  – Earth, Water
Astrological SignCancer, Libra
Numerical Vibration – 8
Hardness  – 5.5 – 6.5
ColorWhite – Milky white

Affirmation  – “I AM in touch with my inner self & awakening to the greater aspect of who I AM.”

Aspects associated with the crystal.

EMOTIONAL: Enhances self-esteem, compassion, self-love, self-awareness, nurturing, soothing, calming, emotional balance/control, release inhibitions, hope, inner peace, unconditional love, stability in relationships/business relationships, emotional abuse, insecurity, release fear, stubbornness, depression and worry.

PHYSICAL: Enhance memory, metabolic, immune system, hypoglycemia, hormonal balance (PMS), disperse fibroids and cysts, digestion, headaches, Yin/Yang balance, Chakra balance, stress reducer.

SPIRITUAL: Astral travel, journey stone, protection stone, clears the energy field (Aura), intuition, dream work, wisdom, connect with spirit realm/angels, Divine love, spiritual awakening, purification, the stone of the Gods in ancient Rome.

white opal crystalsWhite Opal or common opal is the stone for angelic connections and higher spiritual awareness.  This milky white stone is wonderful for clearing the blockages held in your energy field or Etheric field to assist in keeping an open channel which increases your intuitiveness. This very calming stone is perfect for mediation, as it also helps you to stay focused while clarifying the incoming messages as you receive them.  As you increase or raise your vibrational frequency during meditation and stay in the present moment, you can enter into that wonderful place where Divine Love and bliss surround you.  White Opal is a wonderful companion stone for assisting you with your spiritual journey.

On the physical level, the stones essence is a great Chakra balancing stone.  This is integral to your overall sense of well-being and your physical health.   White Opal has often been considered “The Healer Stone” throughout the ages, now that is something to think about, mojo bag anyone?

White Opal is the go to stone for emotional stability as well!   It’s wonderful energy helps to bring discordant thoughts and habits to the surface so that you may deal with any hidden fears and habitual patterns.   If you have any history of emotional abuse, depression, insecurities or self-esteem issues you will benefit the assistance White Opal has to offer.

The nurturing vibrations from this beautiful crystal companion surround you with love and compassion.   Now who wouldn’t want a friend like that on their side?  Be sure to add this one to your crystal arsenal and enjoy the wonderful essence of White Opal.

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