Cleansing Sage Vibes

smudging cleanses vibes

“Cleansing Sage Vibes”

Cleansing with Sage is a wonderful way to clear your personal space of any unwanted vibrational energies that may be stagnant in your Aura body, home, office or car.

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Chakra Flower Color Therapy


chakra flower therapy color


The wonderful colors of the Chakra system inspired me to do this painting. I incorporated gemstones and crystal chips into the painting to enhance the energy of the work. This colorful piece hangs in the very center of my home bringing in wonderful, uplifting, balanced energy every single day.

The Chakra flower artwork can be used as a form of color therapy by focusing upon the color associated with the particular Chakra you want to energize.  Enjoy!

Until next time, this is Sunscape

Sun. Scape. Ing your day

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The Art of Smudging with Feather Fans

smudge fan

~ THE ART OF SMUDGING ~ Smudging Fans were used in ceremonies by Native American and other indigenous cultures throughout the world. The fans were used during smoke baths, to cleanse personal articles, the home and Aura body during sacred ceremonies and shamanic journeying. This is an ancient art of cleansing oneself or others of … Read more…

Root Chakra and You


  The Root Chakra and You Understanding the Energy system in your body can seem daunting at first glance.  However, it does not have to be difficult by any means.   This is the first, in a series of posts , intended to help those that would like to get to know more about the major … Read more…

Using Crystals for Holistic Healing


  Crystalline Energy…..Using Crystals for Holistic Healing   Crystals are one of Mother Natures brilliant little gems that emit energetic vibrations that can affect the Auric Field which surrounds our physical and Etheric bodies. We can bring our energy bodies into balance or alignment by intending to work with the gemstones energetically. As we do … Read more…

Selenite Crystals for Spiritual Awareness


  Selenite Crystals for Spiritual Awareness Selenite is a form of Gypsum that is found in many countries including the USA, Mexico, Greece and Australia.  It is formed as an evaporate where clay beds are found and especially near areas with hot springs.  They can be white, gray, green and even golden in color. Selenite … Read more…

Are You Feeling Unworthy?

Solar Plexus Medicine Bag

Are You Feeling Unworthy? “The Flower of Life” This is Sunscape here at Crystal Vibrations, offering a beautiful grid design based on the Sacred Geometric symbol called During a meditation I received this grid design which focus’s ones energies and intentions upon loving the whole of the self.  I really believe there are far too … Read more…