Honor Your Personal Truth

personal truth honor yourself

Honoring and following your personal truth is how you serve the highest expression of yourself.   Your inner guidance system, your instincts,  feeling through your heart space, are how you can assure yourself that you are on the right path.   Throughout each day, you are surrounded with multiple choices that you consciously and unconsciously have to make.  If you were to take an active role in being totally aware, as you  go through the process of making each decision, you would notice that you are automatically engaging one of your inner senses.    This is your built in guidance from your higher self helping you to stay on course.

It is wonderful to know that your higher aspect has your back.   If you are being truthful to yourself, allowing your personal path to unfold before you without the influence from others in your life, then you are where you need to be.  In this state you allow the highest expression of yourself to come through and  this is one way you will know if you are being truthful to yourself.

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