Inside Looking Outside As Separation Begins

Inside Looking Outside

As Separation Begins

As your soul travels along it’s path to enlightenment, you will find a time when you begin looking from the inside out at the world around you….and the separation begins.

Have you ever felt like a stranger while in the midst of family and friends? People with whom you have had personal interactions with your entire life. Yet, while you listen to the conversations going on among the group when you gather together once again to celebrate an occasion, you feel somewhat disconnected. It doesn’t seem to even matter the subject they are all talking about either. As no matter the topic, you find yourself caring less one way or another about the fuss they are making over something that does not even affect them in any way.

Well, welcome to your souls journey into the inner world of you. Have you felt like an alien among your family for the majority of your life? Don’t get too nervous over that realization, as you probably love each and every one of them for the role they have played throughout the different phases of your life’s journey. However over the past few years, especially these past 2, have you found that the relationships have become quite disconnected? It seems like many of you no longer share an interest in things that were once so common to you.   As you take a few moments to ponder these feelings of disconnection, you may come to realize that this has been a small part of the natural progression of your spiritual journey. The further you travel this road the fewer people you seem to have anything in common with.

You are not the only one that experiences these types of feelings. Everyone will eventually end up going through phases of separation from the ways of the world and begin the journey inward towards self-realization.

As you go through this phase of separation, you find that being alone with your thoughts become more important to you than being in the company of others. This is quite natural as down time or cave-like time is what is necessary to truly connect with the higher/inner aspects of the self.

When the urges from within to pull back from your daily habits and routines are triggered you cannot help but acknowledge your souls inner calling. These triggers are meant to lead and guide you back to yourself. Trust in the process as these subtle nudges play an integral role in your spiritual awakening.

Take time to honor these triggers while reminding yourself that there is no need to feel guilty. It is very important to get alone with yourself and nurture these feelings as this is your guidance system speaking softly to you.

As you spend time alone with your thoughts you may experience feelings arising from situations you went through at various times during your life. As they surface, feel into them and acknowledge them for the role they had in bringing you to where you are today. Some of these feelings arise to let you see exactly how they have helped you to grow stronger as they illuminated what it was that you no longer wanted to experience in your life.

As you continue on your path, be gentle on yourself and remember to show compassion towards those family members and friends that have not yet started their own journey to awareness. Allow others the room to express themselves in the ways they are choosing by honoring them for who they are and where they are in their own path.   Everyone gets to travel the road to self-awareness to understanding who they are and why they have come to play in the game of life.

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