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Awareness Broadens Your Horizons

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“Awareness”  is this weeks focus, the energy coming through  the cards is offering clarity and expansion to all who are ready to move forward.  Just like the different phases or cycles of the moon,  awareness of the cycle that you are in can bring you great insight.  The first card pulled was the “Sixth Chakra Card” featuring Archangel Metatron.  His persona is so brilliant and illuminating while his Third Eye is wide open.    This is the center devoted to insight and clarity of thought.  You get a sense from the picture that the  Indigo Blue Ray is sending powerful vibrations straight to your own Third Eye Chakra.

This indicates that you are in a cycle of expanded awareness.  Your Chakra is receiving information from your higher self and spiritual beings.   Have you noticed that you are beginning to see situations in your life from a higher perspective?   Perhaps you are already seeing some new perceptions taking hold in your life.  When these illuminating vibes begin to stream from Divine Source Energy, the clouds of confusion you once had begin to clear.

Like the new moon bringing new beginnings, these incoming transmissions bring you information that offers you deeper insights into higher levels of awareness.  This is a wonderful time to focus on what your personal vision quest is going to be during the next cycle you are entering into.

Some of the info can come through sudden thoughts appearing out of the clear blue.   A stream of synchronicity may begin to show up in your face during your week.  Take notice of what natures elemental kingdoms may be showing you as you go throughout the next few days.   Perhaps a sign from your totem animal is trying to speak to you.  Does a particular animal or bird keep keeps appearing to you over and over again?  Another one is to be mindful of the thoughts you have as you drift off to sleep and pay extra attention to the little details showing up in your dreams.

The second card that popped out of the deck supports the first one perfectly.   “The Thinking Woman” card depicts a woman holding onto a book before a staircase.   She is ready to assist in leading you to higher understanding.

This card can represent a woman in your life that often helps you with understanding your feelings.   It can also mean that there is a teacher or author that you will happen upon that will lead you in a new direction.  It is signifying that you will meet someone new, perhaps even a side of your very own self that you have yet to see.  You may have a hidden talent, idea or perspective that is ready to burst forth for all the world to see.  However the feminine character appears to you, you will experience greater clarity than you have ever had before.

awareness clarityBoth cards appearing this week signify a time of inspiration, clarification, expansion and insights.   This week is the perfect time for you to concentrate upon keeping your Chakras balanced.   Stay centered in your heart as much as you are able and sensitive to the incoming vibes.   If you enjoy working with crystal stones Amegreen is wonderful for connecting the mind and the heart while increasing the senses.

This week is fully supporting you as you imagine what it is that you want to create for yourself.  Enjoy….

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