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Elements Affects Through Transformation

The Elements Affects Through Transformation


Elements, elements, elements…can you feel their forces influencing you? This is the perfect time to use your true personal and spiritual powers. You are the “Magician”, the “Alchemist” of your life and all the forces of the Earth & Spirit are within reach to manifest your deepest desires. The elements have been assisting you during this past year, which has been a time of clearing the way for 2016. This new year is all about creating and manifesting that which has been gestating within you.  Are you ready to take a quick look at how the elements have been assisting you?

The elements of wind, water, earth, fire & storm have each had their time with you. Each one causing you to sort out every single nook and cranny of your very being. You have been on your inward journey of self-reflection or deep examination to understanding the depth and breadth of who you are. It has indeed been a mystical, magical journey of transformation.

The element of air”, which represents the mental body has busily been blowing through your mind from the East. These winds carry your out of control thoughts away on gentle breezes. Especially when your mind has been working overtime, until you didn’t even know which way to turn going through a difficult situation. Sound familiar? How often have thoughts brought you turmoil, confusion, doubt and so much more? Those self-imposed mental wars going on in the mind really know how to stir things up in your life.

The mental war one has to deal with through different circumstances can be difficult to subdue. Especially when everything on the outside seems to be working totally against them. The battle however is not an outward one but and inward one. The element of wind blows in perfect time to help you overcome the many self-sabotaging thoughts that continually cause repeated turmoil in your life.

The “water element”, which represents your emotions is always illuminating and reflecting back to you the energy you are putting out in any given moment. It’s feminine energy flows to you from the West to help you purify and cleanse the emotional body which holds energetic imprints.  You may know by now that your actions and reactions are triggered by what is held within your emotional body. This is the mirror aspect of the self that lets you know what lies within the depths of your soul.

Water carries the energy of Yin, this is where most of the action seems to happen under the surface of things. It is a time of receiving messages from spirit and increasing your intuitiveness. When this element is working it often leads to periods of going within to discover the nature of your present activities. Water often works in tandem with the wind element as thoughts and emotions are very inter-connected.

The “element of earth is represented in the physical body. It is here that you feel the calling or inner leading to nurture yourself. This feminine energy flows from the North giving you strength, fertility and stability. You will examine how you are eating, exercising and your general well-being will come to the forefront of your mind. Often, you will sense the need for some much needed down time.

Earth calls you to center yourself, to bring balance back into your life. Nature gently speaks to you as the songs of the birds ring in your ears. The sunlight causes you to take notice of it’s incoming rays filtering through the trees. The butterfly speaks to your spirit as you watch it enjoying the nectar of the flowers that seemingly have become brighter somehow. This is your Earth element causing you to pause, if only for a moment to enjoy her beauty which is a pure reflection of your own true nature.

The “element of fire” represents the spiritual, creative side of the self. This masculine energy flows to you from the South to create anew or to purge and burn away that which is no longer serving you. It is here that this element ignites a spark within you to take action. When the embers have been burning within your belly, you can not deny that you are being guided from within to embark upon something new.

Fire stirs the passion within you to be the alchemist of your reality. It is your creativity taking action, the Yang of your nature working full steam ahead, designing every area of your life. The magic of the fire element creates your dreams in the physical realm as it causes you to take action where ever it is needed. Combining with the wind and water elements of your thoughts and emotions, fire, the will and passion within, helps  to co-create your life. This element is fueled by deliberate intentions and requires balance with the other elements so that you don’t throw yourself off center.

The “element of storm” is subjective, in that all the elements…wind, water, earth and fire combine together to create balance and harmony in your life.  Many times it is through a literal stormy season in your life, when your world turns upside down and inside out creating a period of time that brings you to the dark night of your soul. The element of storm causes you to take notice of your circumstances, your life’s direction and your personal views. Often storm feels devastating, lonely, victimized, overwhelmed, fearful and full of despair. You feel like your world has fallen out from under you and you don’t know where to go or what steps you should take next. Storm always brings radical changes into your life.

The good news is that the storm always passes. The sun begins to shine again and sometimes a rainbow appears to remind you once again that life can be good. These elements, each and every one of them play and integral role in your journey of transformation. They sometimes can seem to act alone, but truly they are all working together to bring you the clarity that you need. The element of storm actually works on the body, mind and spirit as a whole and helps to stimulate and propel you into re-gaining your center through deep spiritual cleansing in all these areas.  This allows for the incoming light of the divine to purify any areas in your life stream that require a reset to neutrality, which is pure “Divine” balance.

Try as you may, you can not separate yourself from these elemental forces or try to escape their influence, for they are “all” you! They are aspects of your divine nature within working in perfect unison to assist you on your quest to understanding the greater, magnificent you. You are so much more than you perceive yourself to be. The elements are a representation of the inner workings of your built in guidance system leading to the of the wholeness of you. Enjoy the journey and stay balanced along the way!

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