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Your Energy Creates Your Reality

Your Energy Creates Your Reality

What is your life mirroring back to you?

The energy vibrations that you put out daily will mirror to you that which is held within your emotional body.  What is it that you would like to see happening in your life?

Have you ever noticed how some of your thoughts and desires seem to transpire very quickly into your life stream compared to others?  Do you find yourself questioning the experiences that continue to reoccur in your life, asking what the heck is going on? What is the matter with me and why am I going through this again? Do you find yourself frustrated, worried, fearful, angry or sorrowful due to events that are transpiring in your life at this moment in time?

Well you are not alone! The energy of this period of transformation that we as a collective are experiencing along with Mother Earth is indeed a very intense one. This little post will inspire you to take the necessary steps to assist you with going through the process with ease and grace. Today, let’s look at “Relationships”, one area where many are going through uncomfortable events as they travel through the incoming Cosmic energy.

You may find that you are one of those who are experiencing difficulty at this time within relationships. It’s time to take notice of the feelings that arise within you as these different exchanges between you and another surface. Many of these events probably hold a similar theme or vibrational resonance which is being carried out over and over again. You may even find that if you looked back over various stages of your life you will already have gone through a similar exchange of energy with someone else. These assorted events are causing you to focus upon the discord that is surfacing from within each of you according to what vibrational pattern you need to take notice of.   Let’s examine.

If you are reading this post than you are probably already on a path to enlightenment, learning to transcend the 3D experience.  Some may even be at the point of merging with your multidimensional selves.  Wherever you are on your journey to higher awareness, your current circumstances are mirroring to you that which needs to be let go of in order to make room for the incoming light.  When you are able to transcend the  lower vibrations held within your emotional body, the new frequency of  light fills the spaces for you and the collective as well.

Everyone holds energetic emotional imprints within the Auric Field from their personal life’s experiences. It is to the degree that you are able to have daily challenges, from a non-judgmental perspective, that will determine how dense a vibration you will carry forward with you from the interactions. It is when you are able to focus upon your circumstances from a neutral standpoint that you can see clearly the old imprints that you are carrying within your emotional body. These imprints that bring up anger, frustration, unworthiness and feelings such as abandonment, are surfacing so that you may deal with them once and for all. Many of these imprints follow you into this focused reality if you have not dealt with them in other lives your soul has experienced.

clarity of thoughtSometimes that is why it is hard to pinpoint the base of an issue, but know that it is in the facing of the fears associated with them that nullifies the energy behind them. If you are having trouble within a relationship it is there for you to examine what lies beneath the surface. So take some time to take a deep look at what is stirring the proverbial pot over and over again.  It may be as simple as letting go of the relationship that was manifested in a 3D realm to begin with.  The energy of this relationship may not be able to move with your through the transcending process.

“Your Thoughts Create”

  • The creation process in your life starts with you!

  • It is through your thoughts and feelings that you create your reality.

  • What are you creating?

  • What aren’t you creating?

  • Why do you feel stuck in your creating process?

  • Is it time for you to ask these questions so that you can manifest the desires and dreams that you are so deserving of?

The clarity of your thoughts will bring your manifestations into reality in a much more desirable way when you take control of them from your highest perspective. Align with your higher self to bring your desired expressions from the non-physical realm into the physical to enjoy. That is part of the journey! Aligning yourself with a higher frequency, from the center point of neutrality, will manifest an outcome to one you will want to have instead of one that brings you turmoil. Enjoy the journey everyone!

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