expansion limitless possibilities

Expansion Moving Into Limitless Possibilities

This weeks reading comes from Divine inspiration and is titled…

~ Expansion ~

The moment within the silence that resides deep within you, when you enter into that state of BEing, where you allow your self-imposed limitations to fall away.

It is here where you “let go” of that which you created throughout your life experiences; such as safe zones, beliefs, thought patterns and habits that have kept you in a place of limited expression.

It would be very beneficial for you to release that which has held you back from expanding into the full expression of your Divinity.  The inner work that you take time to do, allows more Light to flow into you, which in turn, helps you to expand into a lighter, crystalline BEing.

As you get alone with yourself and look within the stillness, you will experience the “Expansion” which happens in this state of allowing.  You will begin to see through new eyes.  You will begin to feel through your expanded heart.  You will begin to hear with ears from your higher self’s perspective.  As the old beliefs fall away, you create a beautiful new space for Divine light to flow into you.  When the light fills you with energy from on high, you are literally increasing your frequency and your energy vibration is raised.  You become less dense or feel more expansive the more that you are able to let go of.  You will actually feel lighter in your body and even find yourself enjoying life more.

It is here that you begin to let go of the 3D (third dimension) illusions that you have always held onto so tightly.  As you continue on your journey into the realm of 4D (fourth dimension) you will begin to perceive the world through your higher awareness and experience a world of unlimited possibilities.

That is the beauty of “Expansion”!

Until next time, this is Sunscape

Sun. Scape. Ing your day

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